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While the last year has taught us many things, it has also revealed homeowners desire to invest in their own personal spaces. Translation? Outdoor living spaces are being prioritized. People are looking for creative ways to gather outside in their own backyards to cook, dine, relax, swim, play, entertain and enjoy quality time with friends and family. These unique outdoor spaces are a true extension of their home. 

According to an article in, 85% of home construction industry experts indicated homeowners are more willing to invest in their outdoor spaces than prior to the pandemic. Instead of choosing adventures in travel and destination vacations, people want to spend more time at home. With an improved backyard experience, this is a great way to ensure there truly is no place like home.

The experts at Prairieside Concepts understand this shift. As Kansas City’s premiere outdoor living specialists, this company provides an entire menu of backyard and outdoor living options that are sure to delight and inspire. From in-ground pools to hardscapes and decks and even remodeling projects, Prairieside Concepts has you covered.

Co-owned by Adam McGovern, also owner of the award-winning ACM Homes, LLC, and Mark Beaumier, landscape designer, this talented team stands as your one-stop shop for contractors. With a passion for creating unique spaces, they cover the gamut from A to Z in terms of what you desire and need to make your outdoor and indoor settings the perfect place to be. 

“Because of our skill set the benefit of working with us is that we will manage the entire scope of a project, down to every detail,” emphasized Mark. “We create a simple and seamless process for the client, and because of our broad expertise we are the only contractor you need to call to create your dream space”.

This featured project on which this team worked was an ACM Homes, LLC custom built home on acreage with added hardscaping and a stunning fire pit in the backyard setting. The team also installed a large, two-acre pond on the property, as well as a screened-in indoor/outdoor grill connected to the home.

Prairieside Concepts can tailor to your specific needs. If it is a swimming pool you desire, Prairieside Concepts is an Aviva Pools™ dealer, which offers an extensive collection of fiberglass swimming pools that are uniquely designed to enhance any homeowner’s lifestyle.

“These pools are lower maintenance than other types of pools and come with great warranties,” indicated Adam. “They also come with tanning ledges or hot tubs that are more customizable than many think. They are quicker to install than gunite and liner pools, and last longer.”

Prairieside Concepts eliminates the worries of installing a pool or any large scale project, if you have concerns about irrigation systems or your existing yard.

“On any project we start, we take steps to preserve your property and when we leave the property we make sure there is nothing further for the homeowner to do,” said Mark.

Prairieside Concepts offers free consultations and design estimates and will work with clients in full detail to ensure it’s exactly what they want.

“We encourage our clients to maximize their outdoor footprint so they can enjoy a space to create memories with loved ones,” noted Mark.

Adam and Mark enjoy working with people as they either build their new home or simply provide an extension to their current home. For them, it is all about creating those spaces that will in turn create those unforgettable life moments.

“We like to help people’s dreams come true,” said Adam.

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