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Kansas City Kitchen & Bath Remodeler

You have probably heard the term “design+build,” but do you really know what it means? Simply speaking, design+build is a way to deliver a specific project with one team, the design+build team, which works under one single contract to provide design and construction services to a client. This allows for one seamless and unified flow of work that commences from the initial concept and stretches through the completion of the project. Under the design+build format, there is no separation of responsibility.

The advantages to this concept are many and include greater efficiency and innovation along with fewer problems; higher quality (as performance is tantamount to simply meeting minimum design requirements); and clients can realize savings in cost due to the efficiency of the singular responsibility of the design+build team.

Karin Ross Designs is one such design+build team. An award-winning specialist in Kansas City kitchen remodeling and bath remodels, owner Karin Ross brings three decades of experience to the equation. Overseeing the entire project from beginning to end, Ross takes a deep dive into what each client wants, familiarizing herself with their goals and objectives while simultaneously tending to an efficient schedule of delivery. It does require cooperation from both the design+build team and the client, but the significant value achieved by the client is unparalleled. In short, it is a team approach that involves open communication and solid collaboration in order to achieve the desired end goal.

“Through design+build, we address and recreate a portion of or a whole house,” explained Ross. “By contrast, we are not handymen. We do not do address singular issues such as garage doors, wall painting, picture hanging or plumbing.”

The Karin Ross Designs team is more experienced than handymen, and their work stands at an entirely different level. If you buy a house or want to update your current house with a new kitchen or bath, Ross can take it down to the studs, remove walls, and rebuild as you desire. 

“I will hold your hand throughout all phases; planning budgeting, design, execution, any issues that arise and finally celebrate over a glass of wine,” she smiled.

Ross explained it helps her team tremendously when clients are highly specific about what they want. In turn, she will fully educate the client about the process.

“When we begin a project, our expectations have to be on the same level,” she emphasized.

Not only does Ross desire expectations to be aligned between herself and her client,  she also has certain expectations for herself and her team that further emphasize the nature of the design+build format.

“I make sure everything is done correctly from the beginning,” she emphasized. “I have to think of the look and the function of the space as well as take into consideration how it will stand the test of time. I want it to last. I need to fully understand what the client is looking for so I can pre-select items to avoid overwhelming them and to avoid mistakes.”

While technically Ross is a designer by definition of the word, she is also one of two owners of the business, working in partnership with her husband. No matter the project, the client will have the express attention of Ross through the duration. If problems arise, those problems are immediately addressed by Ross, not by the client.

For further clarification, Ross is not a decorator, tending to the accessorizing of a space. However, if the opportunity presents itself, she will not keep any resources from her clients.

“If we are doing a kitchen remodel, for example, I can help with any accessories during that time, but that is not the nature of my work in and of itself,” she explained. “We like to keep our team working at a very high level.”

So, if you have a “honey-do” list of sorts, perhaps a consultation with Karin Ross Designs is not the right fit for you. However, if your kitchen or bathroom is ready to take center stage with a new look, Ross stands at the ready to offer results that go beyond the ordinary.

“I am at the top of my game throughout the entire process,” Ross asserted. “I also make time for the client, as well.”

Simply put, Ross doesn’t hang pictures, but she will create a masterpiece within your home. From initial design to the final result, she oversees the entire project, tending to all of the details and putting the client’s mind at ease. As a result, she delivers a highly rewarding and enjoyable experience.


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