Spring Trends To Try Now

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Ah, the first of spring!

Story by Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge   |   Photos by Sabrina Osborn

As exciting as this is after a cold winter, anyone from Kansas City knows that you must keep an eye on the forecast. Just because the calendar says spring, it doesn’t necessarily mean it feels like spring here in the Midwest. 

Early spring outfitting becomes all about a balance between working in the spring trends without risking frostbite.

What are the trends you’ll be seeing more of this season? It begins with bright pastels, like this green top. The color says spring, the turtleneck keeps you warm, and the lightweight knit means you can wear it well into warm weather.

Another trend? Wide leg jeans. Yes, my friends, toss those skinnies to the back of your closet (for now) and try on a pair of high-waisted denim with a wide leg. The high waist lengthens and helps us gals with shorter stems pull off this look. What also helps: a shoe with a heel! I grabbed a pair of strappy sandals with a springy green strap. The sandal adds some height and certainly screams warmer weather.

If it’s too cold for exposed toes, swap out the sandal for a neutral ankle boot. They’re seasonless!

Remember what I said about that balance between winter and spring? A houndstooth blazer over the top of this look adds warmth and helps this outfit feel more March than May.

Houndstooth was everywhere this winter, but for spring the print gets smaller and super neutral. Choose a cotton blend over wool so you don’t have to relegate it to storage with your sweaters. It’ll look great over a sleeveless sheath dress at the office come June.

Start hunting for pastels, KC, and happy spring!

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