Revolutionizing Kitchens

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Discover the Latest Trends in Kitchen Color Schemes and Innovative Designs.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos Courtesy of the Kohler Signature Store

The kitchen design landscape is evolving rapidly, combining aesthetic elegance with functional innovation. In conversations with Lynn Nelson, Store Manager, and Amy Hersch, CKD, Allied ASID, LEED GA at the Kohler Signature Store in Overland Park, we delved into the latest trends. Emerging color choices like brushed gold and black are seamlessly blending with various kitchen styles, creating sophisticated and modern looks. Innovations such as touchless faucets and versatile sink materials are redefining convenience, while cabinet designs are shifting towards natural colors and smart functionality. This shift towards a blend of practicality and style in kitchen design reflects changing homeowner preferences and needs.

KCH&S:  What emerging trends are you noticing in kitchen fixture colors, and how do these integrate with current styles in kitchen design?

KOHLER:  Brushed gold, black, and the new French gold are becoming increasingly popular, seamlessly integrating with modern and traditional kitchen designs for a chic and sophisticated look. Black, in particular, is being recognized as a versatile and striking choice, complementing various elements like tiles, flooring, and cabinetry.

KCH&S:  Can you describe the latest innovations in kitchen fixture features that are gaining popularity among homeowners?

KOHLER:  Touchless pull-down faucets are in vogue, offering both aesthetic appeal and practicality by minimizing clutter and simplifying clean-up; some designs offer a higher faucet handle, which enhances ease of use and adds spaciousness.

KCH&S:  What materials and styles for kitchen sinks are becoming more prevalent, and how do they contribute to the overall functionality and aesthetic of the kitchen?

KOHLER:  Stainless steel remains a popular choice, yet there’s a growing preference for composite sinks in colors that match the countertops. Coming in at the top of this trend are cast iron sinks with an enamel finish, particularly in large single bowl designs, which are highly sought after for their durability and range of colors. Complementing these, stainless steel workstation sinks stand out for their practical design and efficiency in food preparation.

KCH&S:  How are cabinet designs evolving, particularly with regard to material, color, and hardware, in response to modern kitchen needs?

KOHLER:  Cabinets now sport a minimalist design with natural colors and less ornamentation, prioritizing functionality. Features like doors that hide appliances and trash receptacles are popular, as are “smart” appliances and lighting. In materials, quartz, and natural stone are favorites, often paired with kitchen islands and patterned tiles. The trend is towards cabinets that resemble high-end furniture and dimensional backsplash designs, adding elegance and depth to the kitchen.

KCH&S:  Based on the items you carry, what do you believe will be the next big trend in kitchen design, and how are manufacturers responding to consumer demands in this area?

KOHLER:  The next big trend is highly personalized design geared toward the individual client’s lifestyle. When designing cabinets, tile, and countertops, as well as plumbing for your home, clients want to be educated on what is available with the newest offerings and technologies, all of which we specialize in. 

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