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Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photography by Matt Kocourek    |    Sponsored Content

Luxury contemporary home builder, Mark Sumada, is all about reinventing spaces. After all, with 40+ years of experience in the industry, one could argue he wrote the book on designing the most innovative, creative, and imaginative contemporary home designs. Sumada can expertly take a blueprint of a home and transform it into myriad design palettes, each of which may come from the same set of architectural bones but presents with its own unique and stylish personality. When it comes whispering a hint of elegance, style, grace, and perhaps a bit of the unconventional into his designs, Sumada, an award-winning builder, can easily build a home that effortlessly speaks your language and showcases your lifestyle.

For example, Sumada and his team at Suma Design have taken this particular contemporary home model and have given it a variety of design styles. Whether they incorporate a new layer of material, a new paint color, a new appointment, or even new furniture, each presentation is a showstopper in and of itself. All are related from a footprint and functional standpoint – and all are equally compelling – but none bear the same personality. That is the type of magic at which Sumada excels.

Each vantage point here is of the same floor plan with a view of the great room. One of them delights with brighter kitchen colors that moves into the adjoining great room, which offers a balance of light paint and darker wood tones. Another version of the same layout provides darker flooring paired with lighter cabinetry and a different patterned backsplash.

In yet another presentation, the great room enjoys an updated coat of luxurious paint while another design offering showcases the great room with two slabs of bookend granite setting the stage for a unique vibe. Further, Sumada transformed the same kitchen into another delightful space with black cabinets in partnership with walnut cabinets, along with a waterfall granite countertop on the island.

In other words, by simply replacing a coat of paint, a type of countertop, the backsplash, the flooring, the furniture, the cabinetry, the appliances, and more, the same floor plan can accommodate a variety of design elements. As a result, the individual spaces are unique, stylish, and yet fully functional as the plan intended. Individual style is never comprised in the process. It is only further illuminated.

“A home can go from one progression to the next, and a customer can change and adapt the spaces as desired,” emphasized Sumada. “We can recreate a new kitchen or great room, for example, based off the old one, therefore updating and reinventing that particular space to reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle and personality. Together, we create something from a design perspective, take a style and develop it into another style, put it all together, and deliver the final product to the customer’s exact expectations.”

With Suma Design at your service, transforming a home into something perfectly wonderful for you is not only achievable, but also incredible to see and experience.

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