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The late Steve Jobs once noted, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Kelly Oliver, owner of KO Real Estate with Integrity Group Real Estate, always has the momentum for excellence going because she doesn’t just love what she does; she has great passion for her business. Working alongside her wife and business partner, Lauren Fruits, Kelly has but one express mission: to help anyone and everyone who wants to buy or sell a home. The enthusiasm this team shares for delivering a phenomenal client experience coupled with uncompromising results is what truly raises the bar of excellence for real estate agents everywhere.

“I enjoy this business both personally and professionally,” emphasized Kelly, whose primary focus is on residential transactions while Lauren oversees more of a commercial portfolio. “There is something exciting about seeing a transaction progress from start to finish and helping others experience it.”

With a background in project management and remodeling, Kelly brings a high level of experience to the table for her clients, especially when it comes to understanding what items need to be addressed, fixed or repaired. She has a natural instinct to weed out potential issues before they become major headaches. Along with that experience comes a wealth of resources to share with her clients.

“I have a Rolodex of trusted and experienced professionals who can assist and complete a variety of tasks,” she asserted.

Prior to getting into real estate, Kelly took classes at night while working in her former job. She also juggled a few fixer upper projects on the side. After obtaining her license, she stepped into the field on a part-time basis but quickly discovered her passion for it and fearlessly took the leap to commit to a full-time opportunity.

“It was awesome to be able to start my own company,” she smiled. “I have done this for the past five and a half years and really do enjoy it.”

Kelly loves to make a house a home, so it is no surprise that home remodeling projects hold a special place in her heart.

“Whether large remodels or small designs and custom work, I can do it,” she indicated. “I am also an artist, so I appreciate the design aspect of projects. I enjoy coming up with conceptual ideas that no one has done before, such as incorporating a feature wall in a room.”

An idea generator at heart, Kelly enjoys finding new ways to make a space better.

“I love to just sit down with the client and come up with new concepts and ideas,” she said.

In addition to her design prowess, Kelly is a natural-born educator and appreciates opportunities to work with her clients as they navigate the milestones of what is probably one of the biggest purchases they will ever make in their lives.

“I love teaching people, especially new home buyers,” Kelly reflected. “I see this as a real estate investment for them, and I get excited to walk this journey with them.”

Kelly remains continually focused on creating opportunities for herself and for her clients. Responsive and detail-oriented, she answers all calls and texts, eager to address any questions or concerns for her clients.

“My door is open from the beginning,” she stated. Kelly also uses social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, to interact with clients and potential clients.

With her penchant for design and her artistic talents always on full throttle, Kelly loves to offer her clients the best service and overall experience, often given with an unexpected twist.

The experience is truly “More Than Real Estate”

“I do watercolor paintings of the homes my clients purchase as a closing gift,” she said. “Or sometimes I do a watercolor of the home in which they have lived for 30 or 40 years and are now selling. You have no idea how much this means to them. I really enjoy doing this for them.”

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