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Whether you are buying, selling, renovating or building a new home, it’s nice to know that someone will be there by your side, 100% involved throughout the process, from start to finish and even beyond. If you want a real estate agent who will do everything she can to create the most rewarding and satisfying experience, look no further than to Angela Whipple, with Platinum Realty.

Angela has been a stand out in the real estate arena, not only for her savvy negotiating skills but also for her business prowess. She paved a unique path creating a real estate venture that has seamlessly transitioned to include a strong focus on interior remodeling for both functionality and sale-ability. Angela is not just a knowledgeable Realtor; she is also an experienced and talented designer and contractor, providing essentially a one-stop shop for clients, who are invited to pick one or all of the company’s services. From Angela’s perspective, real estate and design simply offer a different way of looking at art, essentially making interior design art with a purpose.

As owner of Artful Purpose Design & Real Estate, Angela understands many agents will focus solely on one aspect of real estate, but in reality, everything in this industry is connected. As a result, she has combined residential sales, home renovation, top-notch interior design, new home construction and investment portfolios in one central location. This not only makes her company unique; it also makes it the right place to turn for the best real estate experience available. Angela works alongside her husband, Todd Pitts of L/M Homes, whose 30+ years as a general contractor only enhances the overall quality and experience clients receive throughout the process of building a premium custom-built home that caters to exactly what they want and deserve. 

While myriad awards grace her resume, including Best of Houzz in 2016, 2017 and 2018, and also homes she designed that were entered into the Parade of Homes, those honors pale in comparison to what truly motivates and inspires Angela to live up to her impressive reputation of helping homeowners achieve exactly what they want.

“I love the entire process of every transaction,” Angela expressed. “It keeps me entertained and I love the challenges.”

While the novel coronavirus has forced businesses to operate from a new perspective, Angela takes that twist in stride. Where some might see stumbling blocks, she envisions stepping stones.  Adapting to change merely presents a new way of doing things. She now has clients with whom she helps virtually design every aspect of the home.

“Covid has definitely changed things for us in how we interact with clients, but we have never stopped working,” she emphasized. “We do a lot of remote work with clients through Zoom meetings and collaboration boards.”

To that end, Angela and her husband have seen a few changes in terms of design, with the popular open floor plan beginning to fade away a bit. Additionally, people are moving away from the traditional color of gray and leaning towards bolder and inviting colors, which reflect love, unity, and a fire to persevere.

“Now that more people are working from home and spending more time together, they want to have a place to which they can retreat and enjoy some quiet time,” she stated.

Angela’s overall philosophy and approach to each transaction is quite simple. In addition to maintaining an open mind towards what clients want, she also stressed the importance of thinking on your feet and always being prepared. If she needs to be on the job site to design a kitchen island on the fly, for example, she can.

“I always like to start each transaction or project by meeting with my clients to discuss who they are, what they like and what they desire. After all, this is all about them. I am just here to help,” she smiled.

Providing the whole package, working with the client from start to finish, Angela is on hand from the creation of the initial floor plans to the final touches. With a background in engineering, she has a keen eye for design, and over the years clients have enthusiastically gravitated towards her cutting-edge work, all of which are thoughtfully incorporated into the final package.

“We aren’t cheap and won’t cut corners,” she explained. “We work closely with our clients to fully understand their story and what makes them happy. It’s important for us to really know our clients in order to achieve the results they desire.”

As she looks to the coming year, Angela hopes to further amplify her creative and building prowess.

“I’d like to be involved with more teardowns and custom builds,” she noted. Additionally, Angela and Todd plan to expand their operations to the Tampa Bay, Florida area.

Artful Purpose Design & Real Estate also specializes in basement renovations, custom-built cabinets, benches, covered decks and porches and more.

“No matter the size of the project, large or small, we are ready to help,” she said.

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