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A wise individual once suggested being too busy is just a myth. If something is important to someone, they will make time for it. When you truly want something, whether for yourself or for someone else, time is not an issue.

That sentiment brings to mind real estate agent, Allison Rank. Leading the charge with her top-producing team, Allison Rank and The Rank Team with ReeceNichols Real Estate, one might say Allison is an expert in time management. She is equally efficient and effective in all that she does. Throw some unexpected stumbling blocks upon her well-laid plans and don’t expect her to lose her balance or her focus. This award-winning agent seems to thrive amidst chaos just as easily as she does when things are running smoothly. Her secret? She just knows how to adjust the sails.

Since 2020 began, the world has been dealt an unprecedented blow with the novel coronavirus unfortunately taking center stage. However, Allison has not let that deter her ambitious efforts to continually serve her clients and provide them with the best buying and/or selling experience possible.

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding this virus, Allison navigated a few additional challenges and changes of her own these past several months, most notably undergoing a hip replacement and having a baby. To come out on top professionally during this time speaks volumes about Allison’s attitude, work ethic and overall passion for what she does. No matter the situation, her attention to serving others is always meaningful and geared towards making a difference in the lives of others.

“It has been a great year in real estate, and this has probably been my best year ever,” she emphasized. Of course, working tirelessly and always putting honesty, transparency and integrity at the forefront, such success comes naturally to Allison. When it comes to time management, her focus is always on what she can do for her clients today, and she does this with unwavering commitment and dedication.

She understands what her clients want. A sincere listener, Allison knows what is important to her clients and remains highly attentive to their needs. She appreciates the connection they might have to the home they either want to buy or sell.

She has solid knowledge of the local market. Having sold over 500 homes along with touring thousands of others, this knowledge, coupled with her savvy negotiation skills, leads to the most desirable outcome for her clients.

She takes a proactive stance and always deals with issues headfirst. She believes in tackling problems immediately to avoid any delays in the transaction. “Once a contract is in place, there are deadlines to meet, and it’s my job to make sure they are being met. Sometimes that means being a nuisance to the lender or other agent that isn’t getting us what we want,” she said. In short, Allison makes things happen.

Most important, the relationship is what matters to Allison, not the sale. She accomplishes this through open, honest and thorough communication and enthusiastic listening. She remains readily available to her clients and is always just a phone call away. Allison ensures her clients know they are a top priority for her. 

“My philosophy is to approach every client as an important relationship in my life,” she reflected. “I want to nurture them through the transaction and beyond.”

One significant project near and dear to Allison’s heart is the Plaza Heights community project, an exciting development near Westport on the Plaza featuring 32 single-family homes. Working in tandem with Senior Realtor, Susan Palmer, also with Reece Nichols Realtors, Allison has truly honed her skills and flexed her real estate muscles in an even deeper way through this endeavor.

“This has been a fun project to work on,” she smiled. “We have had great interest from buyers, having sold 17 homes already. These houses have completely transformed the neighborhood, and we are seeing other homeowners sprucing up their homes as well. It’s a place where urbanites want to be.”

Each home within this community features state-of-the-art amenities and all of the benefits of modern conveniences while simultaneously boasting the craftsman style design indigenous to this historic and prospering community, offering a highly desirable, pedestrian-style community in which to live for families and working professionals. 

The goal of the project is to breathe renewal and renovation into one of the city’s most appealing areas, with easy access to the Plaza, shopping, entertainment, museums, dining, and Saint Luke’s hospital. The homes in this three-block project offer approximately 2,200 square feet of living space and include off-street parking, a garage on the basement level of the home and private outdoor space.

No matter the transaction, showing clients the way home is not just a job for Allison; it’s a lifestyle. She always has her heart in her business.

“At the end of each day, I just want to know that I gave it my  all.”

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