Real Estate Executive: Lindsay Schulze

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Story by Ann Butenas    |    Intro photo by Matt Kocourek

A lot of people are talking about Lindsay Schulze lately, and for good reason. As a Senior Sales Executive and partner with ReeceNichols, Lindsay is known for her solid work ethic, principles, authenticity, experience, and overall expertise in the real estate industry. When you work with Lindsay, she makes you feel is if you are her only client, and she won’t stop until you are completely satisfied with everything.

A go-getter at heart, Lindsay rounded out 2021 as a $51 million producer and plans to shoot that record out of the park for 2022. This record-setting agent is the highest producing agent in the history of ReeceNichols Realtors. However, the resulting awards and accolades pale in comparison to the real reason Lindsay is in this business.

Photo by Matt Kocourek

“This job is about who you are and what you can deliver to your clients,” she reflected. “I love this job and would never trade what I do for the world. It’s a significant part of my life. Many of my clients become my good friends and taking care of them is a true pleasure for me.”

Leading with a servant’s heart, Lindsay strives to be of extreme value to her clients, operating from a spirit of kindness and authenticity. She has a solid understanding that when you are being of service to others, you are then the beneficiary of happiness. There is no greater reward than that for Lindsay. In fact, no matter the day or situation, Lindsay prefers to shy away from negativity and anything that could prove to be counterproductive to her success and the success of her clients. To her, life is good. As a result, that positivity is what she continually emphasizes. Lindsay just naturally sees the good in people and in situations. Then, she just shares that goodness with everyone she encounters, no matter what the news engines of the day might be proclaiming.

“I keep my conversations positive,” she smiled. “From my perspective, everything is great, and the market is doing all it needs to do.”

Lindsay understands the importance of keeping a positive outlook and also appreciates that buying and/or selling a home can be quite stressful. As such, she works diligently to ensure her clients feel supported and relaxed throughout the entire process.

“You just do a good job and continually keep your clients informed,” she indicated. “It’s always important to follow through and remain continually available, ensuring that each client’s transaction is the best transaction ever.”

So, it’s definitely true that word on the street these days is that Lindsay is the real estate agent with whom to work if you want your home buying and/or selling dreams to come true.  

“Homeownership is the most important setting for families looking to make a nest of their own. Having that perfect place to call home is the ultimate decision for flourishing families.”

Just take a peek at what some of her clients are saying about her

Lindsay was absolutely fantastic throughout the entire process. She works 24/7 to make sure you get the most from your home and also finding a new one. She truly cares about her clients, and it is of utmost important to her to make sure you are happy. I would highly recommend Lindsay!  Ashley

Lindsay and her team were invaluable guides as I sold my house. Lindsay’s knowledge and experience brought me confidence at decision points in the process. I appreciate that she offered guidance, but always let me know it was my choice. The team was attentive, informative, and easy to work with.  Molly

In short, Lindsay is always of service to her clients, providing something that can never be bought or measured with money: integrity, sincerity, and honesty.

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