Real Estate Executive: Becky Harper

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Story by Becky Harper    |    Photography by Samantha Stultz

Life doesn’t stop for anyone. Job transfers to other cities happen, and family members move in or move out. You need to buy a house even if it is not the perfect market. It’s my job and responsibility to help maneuver you through this process and decision-making even when the market is rough, or the interest rates are high. It’s not just the same process for everyone. It is all about who and what you know. 

I tell clients every day that we’re extremely fortunate living in the Midwest as we’re protected in kind of a bubble. Kansas and Missouri markets are very stable. I have traveled extensively to other major markets; I have a global partner network that enables me to allow you to transfer to other cities and still be comfortable with the level of service I can provide.  

When you’re not the only real estate agent in town you must develop strategies to show you can color outside the lines and provide services that no one else can provide. I am in the top 5% of the entire region. I like running in front of the pack! It is not just customer service but providing true and honest information. Reputation matters.

Every day, someone asks me, “What is going to happen with this market?” The nightly news is full of interest rate increases, market downturns, and scary information for the home buyer or seller. This is where I can help. The market has shifted, and everyone knows it. This is a more “normal” market. Just a few years ago, interest rates that were between 5-7% for a 30-year loan were considered enticing and promoted market growth. You don’t need an agent who doesn’t know how to solve the tough problems or deal with issues that come up during the buy and sell process, loans, or inspections. I am a fierce negotiator for you!

It’s time to take a breath. Make decisions that are the best for now and best for your future. This current market allows us the time needed to process, to make sure you are making the best long-term decision for you.

Holidays are not the worst time to buy or sell. People need new places to live in every month of the year. Buyers are much more serious and there are fewer people who just look. This is an excellent time of year to get your house on the market so don’t wait. The stock market has highs and lows. Real estate has always been an investment of growth if you choose the right home or property. That’s why you need my experience with all kinds of opportunities to grow your wealth and your quality of life.

Buying and or selling a home is huge and can be stressful. I am continually learning more about lending and financing opportunities. The market is full of opportunities. It’s not always just the big picture, but the micro markets where your investment can grow the most. It’s about a type of home, or new location that can change how your life works. It’s the size of the home so you have a home to fit your growing family or small enough for you to lock it up and travel for months should you desire. Everyone has a different definition of home, and you need to have an agent to understand your viewpoint and protect you from big financial mistakes. 

I will get you to the finish line when selling your home. I take the weight off of sellers when possible. My advanced marketing strategies, effective pricing methodologies, and high-quality photography, videography, and stagers will help you net the highest price in the least amount of time. This is my specialty.

Luxury is usually defined as homes that sell for over $750,000 in the Kansas City metro market. However, I work with buyers and sellers at every price point. My level of service will never change. If I’m selling a home that’s $200,000 or $2 million, I’m going to show up and do the exact same process and provide the best service for everyone.

I absolutely love what I do, I’m very passionate about the lives that I am impacting and possibly changing once you have hired me. I don’t stop until I get it closed. I will be around long after you’re settled in your home because I am your lifetime real estate expert.  

Whether it’s been five months or five years down the road “please call me first” when you have a need for your home. My preferred vendor list is one that I pride myself on, keeping it up to date with quality and the best-priced vendors. You can count on me to help get problems fixed, even after you close on your new home.

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