Power Suit Summer

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Story by Ashley White of LeStylo Rouge     |     Photos by Sabrina Osborn

Now that spring has fully sprung and summer is just around the corner, let’s dive into some fun warm-weather outfitting that will up your style quotient, shall we?

Monochromatic dressing is a classic sartorial power move: wear the same shade head to toe and you achieve instant ChicTM status. I’m doing just that here in top-to-bottom rich Kelly green. And what’s a more appropriate hue for the spring and summer seasons? With everything finally greening up outside, I feel the spirit of the season moving me to embrace my inner emerald.

I love the idea of a summer suit: for those of you commuting to an office for your 9 to 5, an outfit like this plays perfectly within the professional bounds while also scoring major style points. And if you’re looking for a head-turner of a look for date night or girl’s night out? Hello, this vest and trouser combo is just the vibe. 

The key is to look for a vest with some substance: no midriffs or super deep V’s here. Let those arms and shoulders do the talking. Want even more coverage? Slip a basic white fitted t-shirt underneath or layer a classic leather motorcycle jacket over the top (which also comes in handy for those cool spring evenings). A subtle slit at the hem keeps the trousers modern, with the cut being a touch on the wide-leg side of things to make it feel fresh.

Don’t think you can pull off green? Well first, I’d encourage you to give it a shot. It’s a color surprisingly complimentary to many complexions. But never fear, you can get the same vibe in a less assertive green shade: think mint, pear, or pistachio! 

The moral of the story: we’re going bright and bold this spring and summer season, KC! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

You can find Ashley at lestylorouge.com or on Instagram at @ashrockchalk

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