Pep Talk

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If you’re in need of a positivity boost, look no further.

Take your pick of these mood inspiring items – they’ll bring a smile to your face and push that needle to cheerful on the frame-of-mind meter reader.

Friendship Lamp

There’s  nothing like knowing a friend is thinking about you to pick you up. These in-sync lamps will keep you close, across town or across the world. 

Starting at $99    |

Happy Lamp

It mimics natural sunlight (so it can help improve your mood and reset your circadian rhythm for better sleep) but doesn’t have the harmful UV rays! 

$29.95    |

Oceanside Relaxation Fountain

Float away onto tranquil seas as the water gently falls over the rocks, slipping you into pure calm with the tabletop size fountain.

$43.99    |

Morning Meditation Mug

Let your mind wander to pleasant spaces as this labyrinth-inspired mug lets you get lost in your morning coffee.

$35    |

Reversible Octopus Mini

Cheer yourself up with this adorable plushie by teeturtle. Need a frown, just flip it over.

$15    |

Midnight Garden

You’ll get lost quickly in the beautiful, gentle and abstract nature of this puzzle. It’s exactly what you didn’t know you needed.

$29.99    |

Indulge in Chocolate

Need a pick-me-up? RED Chocolate’s Grab-N-Go Bars will get you out of the afternoon slump. And with only 80-100 calories per bar, and 30 – 40% less fat than normal chocolate. In 4 favorite flavors.

$9.99 a 12 Pack    |

Love & Light

This beautiful stone and crystal set is perfect for decorating, meditating or travel.

$28    |

Energy Clearing Kit

A mixture of sage, palo santo and crystal will clear your stage of stale energy so you may start new.

$38    |

Happy Soul Journal

Take time to jot down your thoughts and dreams in this large lined journal by Plum Paper.

$12    |

No.151 black sea + ocean air

This blend of sweet and salty oceanic currents will refresh your senses. The candle is delivered in a unique copper vessel.

Starting at $28    |

Guide Birds

These birds will take you under their wing – pick a different one each day and let their corresponding word be your guide for the day.

$48    |

Face Plant

Ever wish houseplants looked more like people? With a built-in nose and ears, it’s a fun quirky spot to rest your frames and ensure you never lose your eyeglasses again.

$16    |

The Comfy Dream

Soft, light and luxurious, this feels like you’re wearing a baby blanket. Snuggle up and relax. Assorted colors.

$39.99    |

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