Outdoor Magic

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Story by Kristeena Budig

With the warm weather coming our way, it has me thinking and creating outdoor spaces again. I love this time of year when you can start bringing your interior style straight to your outdoors!

Most people think you can’t have an outdoor space as glamorous as your interior space. This is simply not true! You can create a space that carries your interiors outdoors. Bringing in those amazing pops of colors and textures is always my first choice.

Consider how much space you have and pick a focal point to build your space around. For example, if you have an outdoor fireplace, that is a perfect spot to space your furniture around. Those chilly spring evenings are always amazing when curled up outside with friends and family taking in the warmth of the fire. Adding outdoor greenery and fun decor to your mantel brings the space to life.

Introducing candles to outdoor spaces ups the ambiance level. It gives you that peaceful relaxing feel while enjoying the beautiful weather. Lanterns are always a perfect way to emphasize candlelight.

Accessorize with colorful outdoor pillows and rugs, blending in complementary accent pieces. Mixing in fun modern textiles and vibrant colors is a perfect way to bring out your personality. This creates a theme that can be switched out easily to personalize your space for each season.

I also love adding a unique table piece with plenty of greens and outdoor textures. Consider incorporating pieces of wood, stones, and metals into your centerpiece to make it stand out in your space. 

Creating an outdoor living space that is modern and functional is always my main goal!

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