Making Space for a Home Office

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A Sanctuary of Your Own

Discover unique spaces that feed inspiration, creativity, and productivity, while also providing a comforting and relaxing environment.

Stories by Ann Butenas

The natural lighting and warm tones of this home office offers the perfect blend of style, comfort and practicality. Designed by Helen Bartlett, Home Stager and Stylist at Refined Interior Staging Solutions, this modern space pulls together an ideal amount of wood tones and natural elements that encourage creative thinking and offer a sense of well-being. Best described as modern industrial, the wood appointments take precedence without overwhelming the visual appeal of the space.

“I think an empty space is as equally important as full, used spaces,” noted Bartlett. The authentic cowhide area rug draws the eye to the center of the room, and its irregular shape adds a layer of depth and dimension.

“I use area rugs to define a space,” explained Bartlett, who staged this office as part of a full-house staging project. “This felt like a big house, but it offered good living space and a unique floor plan.”

Hints of an industrial vibe are found in the use of textures and neutral colors, including the industrial-style desk and the wood and metal ceiling fan directly above.

The built-in floating-style bookcases anchor the large Palladian window, adorned with wooden oak shutters that, when opened, allow an abundance of natural lighting to flow into the room. Touches of lighting beneath the shelves provide a whisper of warmth, while the eclectic metal brackets running up and down each set of shelves suggest a subtle, yet daring, confidence to the space. While the accessories may be minimal in this home office, they are uniquely organized, expertly spaced, and allow for a distraction-free workspace.


Part of a larger home remodeling project that involved the main level master bedroom and piano room, this redesigned and elegantly sophisticated home office is best described as a delightful mix of feminine chic and daring.

“This space tells a story of a smart, creative and stylish woman who is also a bit sassy,” explained Amy Krause, Principal Interior Designer and Owner of Amy Krause Design, LLC. “This space is a juxtaposition of soft patterns and feminine curves with bold accents and straight lines to create a lively conversation.”

The homeowner originally attempted to redesign the space herself but soon reached an impasse. She wanted to use the original desk and chair but wasn’t quite sure how to breathe new life into them. Once Krause stepped in, the captivating story began to unfold. She took inspiration from the existing wallpaper with its striking green palette highlighted with gold metallic accents and then incorporated elegant touches of white, black and additional gold highlights throughout the room to enhance its strong and extroverted personality.

One of the scene-stealing elements in the office is the overhead light fixture, a semi-flush mount style comprised of individual glass rods arranged concentrically to create a sparkling jewelry-like effect that accentuates the room’s mix of curves and straight lines while at the same time adding a touch of classic vintage glamour. The accompanying artwork was acquired from a trade resource and was custom-sized to fit the space.

Krause brought in many engaging elements to support the new space, such as the credenza and custom-made chairs highlighted with custom-made pillows. She also gave the fireplace an elegant facelift with classic marble-looking tile pieces, creating an elegant framework that captures the eye. Multiple finishing touches were provided throughout with the artful placement of whimsical accessories which Krause acquired through her partnership with Groover Interior Design.


With a passion for nature and travel, Hong Sievert’s client should feel right at home in this spectacular home office remodel. This cozy retreat is the perfect gathering place for many of the artifacts she and her husband collected as they traveled the world. The homeowner’s most treasured place on Earth, Africa, is greatly represented in this room.

“We created a warm and cozy space by bringing in many items close to her heart,” expressed Sievert, owner of Blossom Spaces, LLC, who designed the space and supplied the cabinetry. “We also focused on creating a convenient seating area centrally located and easy to access. The storage cabinets were also important in our planning, which include an office file drawer with file hangers included, cabinet space to hide the printer inside, bookcases, open shelving, and wall cabinets with glass inserts.”

The Native American Indian was a gift from the client’s parents back in the 1970s. It was designed by an artist and purchased at a wildlife conservation show in Las Vegas and has remained a family heirloom over the years. The zebra print rug was a gift from the client’s daughter.

No detail was overlooked in this design. Sievert installed adequate lighting for the seating area with additional lighting underneath the floating shelves to enhance the artwork and accessories. The height of the bookcase was specifically designed to remain convenient for the client, stacked wall cabinets with doors on the bottom for additional storage, and the accessories outlet locations were placed with certain items in mind, such as the digital photo frames. The dark countertop enhances the beauty of the cabinets, and the solid surface materials provide a warm touch.

Most important, this office is filled with love – family photos, fresh plants and flowers and sentimental pieces – all of which help make the space feel cohesive and special.


What was formerly a closed-off, cedarwood-lined plant room has been stunningly transformed to an impressive, bright and functional office space. From the copious cabinet space to the expansive credenza, this home office has “productivity accomplished in style” written all over it. Designed by Donna Kirsopp of Schloegel Design Remodel, this uniquely-designed area seamlessly blends in with the second floor family room.

“We opened up the closed-off space and raised the header so it’s flush with the existing ceiling,” noted Kirsopp. “We raised the header flush with the existing ceiling joist and created a larger opening to the area.”

A cornucopia of design elements serve to highlight the contemporary theme, each playing an important and impressive role. The black and white contemporary reconstituted veneer cabinetry was bleached and stained to a consistent grain to complement the engineered hardwood, gray-stained rustic wide plank flooring. The black and white ebony veneer adds to the sophistication and flair of the room. Even further, the subtle elements throughout bring the personality of the office to life.

“The countertop of the desk gives the illusion of a riverbed with subtle black and gold stone movements throughout,” noted Kirsopp. “As it is not a glossy finish, it looks very natural.”

While the unique design of the desk makes it appear to be free-standing, it is built-in, but the credenza has the option of being moved as desired. Kirsopp ordered the desk and the credenza from the same company and subsequently installed the hardware and legs on the credenza.

Additionally, the original skylight, which was closed in and roofed over was reopened for a new skylight which now offers abundant lighting to the space and gives the room a slight vertical lift, allowing for a more spacious appearance.

“The skylight is made of a low e-glass, and we put a tinted finish on it to reduce glare,” noted Kirsopp.

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