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“No Invitation Needed”

Described as perfectly imperfect, this Prairiefire villa shows off its best style.

Story by Ann Butenas     |     Photos by Matt Kocourek

As the third feature in a series focusing on the Prairiefire Villas at LionsGate golf course in Overland Park, Kansas, this newly built home relishes in its charming, farmhouse-like appeal. Built by Lambie Custom Homes, Inc. in conjunction with Bickford + Company Residential Architecture, the homeowners wanted a place uniquely different but decidedly comfortable and homey, seamlessly blending new construction with a heaping helping of a “days gone by” personality.

Some of us may search high and low for most of our lives for just a glimpse of paradise, but the self-described “happy homeowners” of this enchanted villa actually reside in such a place. However, it’s not just the overall design and appeal of their home that suggests the idyllic life; it is the genuine and approachable personalities of its occupants that truly give this place its own unique personality.

Boasting an incredibly friendly and welcoming farmhouse-style appeal with a dash of industrial influences here and there, this residence tells you exactly what you need to know about the homeowners simply from its incredible style alone: They are friendly, approachable, fun loving, down-to-earth and ready to make you feel as welcome as family as soon as you cross the threshold.

“The only reason I want you to take off your shoes when you come inside is because you feel comfortable enough to do so,” expressed the gracious homeowner, who is as every bit as charming, casual and engaging as the home in which she lives.

Even though this residence was recently constructed, its style is more reflective of days gone by, with a fun collection of elements, décor and accessories that give a strong nod to the past while comfortably fitting in with the feeling of today.

“We like things that are old,” stated the homeowner. “We enjoy things that tell a story, so this project required Jim (Lambie) to incorporate old things into new construction. We wanted it to look like an old home, not a new one, and we love to shop in places like the West Bottoms to find unique items for our home.”

With most of the walls adorned with shiplap, from the entry way to the back side of the house, you may instantly feel transported to a whimsical Midwestern prairie as opposed to a luxurious golf course setting. However, since this is Kansas and we are in the Midwest, the celebrated style here is confident, comfortable and true to itself.

“We specifically had this place designed to appear more homey and comfy,” said the homeowner. Grand it is not, but when it comes to all the comforts of home, this one takes the cake.

“We are incredibly laid back,” expressed the homeowner. “And if you are looking for any fancy art here, you won’t find it. Most of our hanging artwork was done by our kids when they were little.”

When you take a look around, that comforting feeling of family and home embraces you at every turn.

For starters, the relaxing appeal of the eye-catching shiplap can be found in the entry way, family room, the sunroom and the master bedroom. Its creamy natural white color is only enhanced by the natural texture of the material, with its rustic and somewhat weathered charm, almost as if each piece has a treasured story to tell. The shiplap in the master suite, however, is painted in a champagne color, the same color as the ceilings in the house, with a complementary creamy white trim color.

“When the guys were hanging the shiplap, I told them to look at both sides of each piece and whichever side looked worse, that was the side I wanted to show,” laughed the homeowner, who bears no shame reflex in admitting that a perfectionist she is not.

“I don’t do perfect,” she noted. “I like perfectly imperfect, and that is what this is and is exactly what I wanted – gaps, holes and uneven pieces.”

Continuing the farmhouse-style theme are two barn doors, with large Xs on them, one in the kitchen and pantry area and the other in the master bath area.

“I also put Xs on a wall in a hallway and over the fireplace, behind which is a hidden TV for my husband. There are large Xs on the garage doors, too,” said the homeowner.

In the homeowner’s private office, which also doubles as the sunroom, the flooring does not go unnoticed. While it looks like an old hardwood floor, it is actually tile made to look like wood.

Of her office, the homeowner notes it is her sanctuary. Not only can she take in the beauty of the outdoor scenery and relaxing waterfall out back, she can also close off the space entirely and open it up for fresh, outdoor air.

“I love the outside air but my husband suffers from allergies,” she indicated. “This room has a separate thermostat from the rest of the house, so it is definitely my room!”

One of the true design standouts in this home can be found in the kitchen. The expansive wood counter top is actually comprised of three large pieces of wood, which came from one great big tree, and was created by the same friend who provided the shiplap.

“The three pieces were fused together to create the island,” noted the homeowner. “The challenge was taking a round tree trunk and making it flat. The raw edges you see on it is the actual tree bark.”

The homeowners are greatly appreciative of their friends Dale and Steven, owners of reDeux, a company specializing in architectural salvage creations, painted furniture and unique accessories, who were a highly integral part of making this home what it is.

“They created and built the mantels in the sunroom and eat-in area of the kitchen and the backsplash in the upstairs bar, which is comprised of old ceiling tiles from the 1800’s. Additionally, they created the beautiful nine-foot console under the upstairs TV wall and the wooden valence in the master bedroom,” expressed the homeowner.

Another touch of the elegance from the past can be found in the Master bathroom. The chandelier above the tub actually belonged to the homeowner’s grandmother. French doors in the master suite open up to a relaxing patio facing the golf course, complete with a pergola and a wood burning fireplace. Again, if paradise had a face, it would look like this.

The dining room is also highly reflective of the imperfect perfection that has clearly set the tone in this house.

“I used to have a dining room set that matched,” said the homeowner. “I then had the table repainted and kept the two end chairs, but the remaining chairs are purposely mismatched, as are the chairs at the kitchen table.”

On the upper level are two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a larger space that accommodates a pool table, bar, and sitting area.

“That area is really more of a loft,” stated the homeowner, suggesting that at night the space gives the vibe of being in an old-fashioned Speakeasy, especially with its low light ambiance and decorative use of Edison bulbs. Plus, as the homeowner likes to joke, “It’s marriage insurance! He has his space; I have mine!”

Down in the basement is a workout room and what will eventually become the homeowner’s craft room, as well as a space carved out for what will become her husband’s proverbial “man cave.” The basement also houses a ping pong table and old bar. Additionally, concrete was poured when the home was built to stand at the ready to install a future golf simulator with net.

With four bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms, there is plenty of room for family and friends, and these homeowners happily welcome folks with open arms.

“Our home is the hub of the family,” noted the homeowner. “There are lots of people on both sides of our family and we often have them over for various holidays and celebrations.”

Now empty nesters, this couple enjoys organizing cocktail hours before heading off with friends to go to dinner at one of the nearby Prairiefire restaurants.

“We like being within walking distance to the shops, entertainment and restaurants, but when we come back into our home, it is peaceful and quiet,” the homeowner reflected. “We definitely have the best of both worlds and we feel so blessed and happy to be here.”


Builder: Lambie Custom Homes, Inc.    |    Architect: Bickford + Company    |    Shiplap & Kitchen Island: American Walnut    |    Custom Mantels & Unique Decor: reDeux    |    Landscaping & Water Feature: Earth Designs    |    Landscape Design: Lifestyle Landscapes    |    Custom Woodworking: Fred Powers Construction    |    Granite: Central Missouri Countertops     |    Mason Work: Canyon Stone    |    Electrician: Teague Electric    |    Hardwood Floors: Kenny’s Flooring    |    Cabinetry: Cabinets by King    |    Coffee Bar: Woodson Place    |    Appliances: Factory Direct Appliance    |    Plumbing Fixtures: Pflumm Plumbing    |    Painting: Millennium Painting    |    Ceramic Tile/Flooring: ProSource    |    Stereo & Alarm: Damewood Electronics    |    Light Fixtures & Hardware: Creations by Cathy, Wilson Lighting and Lights on Mason    |    Plantation Shutters: GP Shutters    |    Barn Doors: Freedom Products Company

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