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An architectural triumph unites contemporary elegance with West Plaza charm.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photography by Sherpa Media

Nestled amidst the timeless charm of this West Plaza neighborhood, a contemporary wonder has risen. Where once stood more of a traditional dwelling now stands a home that is a testament to modern luxury, functionality, and impeccable taste. It is not merely a house; it’s a statement, a vision, and a modern marvel amidst an established backdrop.

A Fusion of Levels and Vistas

This head-turning home boasts four expansive levels, connected by a show-stopping imported glass staircase. The home also has two picturesque outdoor sitting areas and balconies, providing amazing views of the surrounding neighborhood and the Plaza. These spaces are more than just great vantage points, however. They are relaxing sanctuaries, ideal for morning reflections or sunset musings.

The homeowners purchased this lot in 2019. The prior owners had torn down the existing home but never did anything with the lot. This gave the current owners the opportunity to construct the home of their dreams.

“We had been living in a condo in the South Plaza area but really didn’t like it as much as we thought we would,” said the empty nesters, who had previously lived in more of a traditional home in Leawood, Kansas. When this lot became available, it gave them the chance to pursue a home design they wanted in an area of town that appealed to them at this stage in life.

“We met with Clint Evans (AIA, NCARB, Principal Architect and of Co-President of NSPJ Architects) and told him what we wanted,” said the homeowner. “He was so great to work with and listens really well.”

And so, before the pandemic hit, the design process began, followed by the construction of the home. Encompassing more than 3,000 square feet, this residence, which sits on a lot that is 40-feet wide and 105-feet deep, has four bedrooms (one of which has been made into an office) and three and a half bathrooms.

“This home has ample natural light,” noted Evans, referencing windows that adorn all four sides of the home, allowing light to effortlessly flow through from front to back and side to side. “With the advent of motorized blinds and solar shades, which have been installed on some of the windows, the owners get plenty of privacy.”

Evans further emphasized how this home provides an ease of indoor and outdoor living. He also appreciates the ceiling heights, which at their tallest are over 19 feet high.

“It is unexpected for a home like this, which has a punched opening in the spaces and overall is very artistically done,” said Evans.

Elegance Defined in Every Design Choice

Every inch of the home is draped in unique décor, emphasizing clean, sleek lines, which is a hallmark of modern design. Each room and each nook tell a story, defined by interior design elements that are both purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. The spacious, airy living areas are bathed in natural light, with subtle tones and textures, creating a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort. The primary color palette promotes layers of black and white, dark green, and gray and white. The owners selected the accompanying artwork and furniture to fully complement the aesthetics of the home.

The Master Suite: A Haven of Luxury

The pièce de résistance is, undoubtedly, the master bedroom. One is immediately drawn to the crocodile-pattern wallpaper which provides a focal point to the space. The other centerpiece, a luxuriously appointed bed, nestled into the niche, features built-in nightstands and ambient lighting above. 

The accompanying master bathroom enjoys white quartz countertops and black cabinets, along with wall-mounted faucets that add to the appeal. The shower has multiple body sprays and a rain shower head above. The raised pattern on the accent wall gives a nod to the overall personality of the space.

The Heart of the Home: An Entertainer’s Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is nothing short of a culinary theatre. Designed with both the passionate home cook and the professional chef in mind, it boasts state-of-the-art appliances all uniquely hidden behind the sleek cabinetry, a sprawling island, and ample space to host dinner parties or intimate family gatherings. 

“We did not want any appliances showing,” said the owner, referencing the cabinet-like facades throughout the space. She further indicated the hood above the range was custom made to match the wooden slats that embrace the lower perimeter of the island. The adjoining pantry offers ample storage with multiple shelving and storage options.

The nearby great room has a beautiful biofuel fireplace, which is environmentally friendly as well as a work of art. Marble tile frames it, setting the stage for the ambiance of the room.

A Symphony of Space: The Music Room

A space on the upper level is dedicated to the appreciation of sound. It offers perfect acoustics, and the plush carpeting enhances the auditory experience, providing both comfort and sound dampening.

“This is my husband’s music room,” said the owner.

Contiguous to the music room is an open entertainment area, complete with a bar area that is home to a wine cooler, ice machine, and a dishwasher drawer.

Rise and Glide with the Elevator

In an unparalleled blend of luxury and convenience, the home is equipped with its own elevator. This addition ensures that all four levels are accessible to everyone, reinforcing the theme of seamless design and functionality.

A Thematic Presentation

“When we designed this home, we were looking for a different way of life, and this gives us a chance to enjoy the city life,” stated the owner, who enjoys using this upper level to entertain friends, as well as the spacious outdoor patio in the rear of the home.

“This is a great entertainment home thematically,” concurred Evans, who also   referenced the openness leading up to the front door. Since another home of similar design was built next door, the grading between the two houses was pushed way back, creating amazing space leading up to the front door. The colonnaded trees provide a layer of privacy. Additionally, the vibrant green front door presents a welcoming invitation to the excitement that awaits you within the walls of this home.

A Walk to Remember

And for those moments when the owners want to step out, the Plaza, with its array of shops, eateries, and attractions, is just a leisurely stroll away. The convenience of having urban delights within walking distance adds to the property’s allure.

As such, this modern masterpiece is more than a home; it’s a lifestyle statement. It’s where traditional neighborhood charm meets avant-garde design, where every corner caters to the homeowner’s needs, desires, and dreams. Here, luxury isn’t just an aesthetic; it’s an experience, an emotion, and even a way of life.


  • Architect: NSPJ Architects
  • Builder: Aspen Creek Builders

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