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Virginia Tile

Tile & Surface Distributor

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From exemplary customer service to extraordinary products, Virginia Tile thrives as a strong and positive influence in the design industry. Since it began operations in 1928, the 96-year-old company has a comprehensive offering  extending beyond mere tiles; they provide complete installation solutions for every project. From an extensive array of tiles to cabinet hardware, sinks, and Wilsonart countertops, they are your one-stop destination for elevating every facet of your living spaces.

The local Virginia Tile Company showroom is connected to the company’s national distribution center. As a to-the-trade company, Virginia Tile’s team of experts will collaborate with designers, retailers, contractors, and their customers on designs, facilitating as a trusted partner to unite the retailer, designer, and contractor with the end user. At Virginia Tile, the customer can expect to get a thorough design experience from beginning to end. 

Keely Soderstrom & Taylor Hamlett

Their team of designers embodies a level of expertise that sets them apart from their competition. Each designer has a degree relating to design or has many years of experience in the field. The showroom staff goes through rigorous product training so that they are knowledgeable and can recommend just the right products for your application. 

The Kansas City area showroom is in a superb location for both the local residential and commercial architectural community. Its central location for the Kansas City Metro and proximity to the downtown area makes it a wonderfully located resource for those customers working on projects from all over the area.

Virginia Tile stays on top of trends with the invaluable experience in the tile industry that Sean Cilona, Virginia Tile’s Vice President of Product and Marketing, brings to the table. He is a seasoned expert navigating the ever-evolving landscape of design; according to Cilona, capturing the essence of a trend at its inception is paramount. He emphasizes, “It’s about precisely timing our embrace of trends during their upswing to solidify Virginia Tile as the forefront in the industry, consistently offering cutting-edge products that resonate with the evolving tastes of our clientele.” 

Aside from such a vast selection of products, customers will also be on the receiving end of exceptional service, extensive product knowledge of the staff, and premier customer experience. Virginia Tile also hosts a variety of events throughout the year to help inspire the local design community. Please be on the lookout for upcoming events.


Large Gauged Porcelain Panels – Heralding a new era in the world of large-format tiles. “We are now stocking Large Gauged Porcelain Panels, as it is an emerging trend. We are showing our commitment to this trend by teaming up with NTCA for free training sessions for installers. The panels vary in size, but an example would be 48” x 96”. The design can be simple, offer rich marble looks, or intricate motifs to fulfill any of your design needs.”

5100 Kansas Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66106

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