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Rosehill Gardens

Landscape Designer

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After 35 years of listening, designing, maintaining and creativity, Steve Heichel, Landscape Designer for Rosehill Gardens, understands that creating an oasis in your yard brings serenity and satisfaction.

“Working here has been a good marriage between my style and what Rosehill provides,” he noted. “My degree in landscape architecture is from The Ohio State University, a great design school. I believe form follows function. I discuss with clients what is needed for a property, and that dictates the form.”

Following college, he spent four or five years working and skiing in Denver, and enjoys that sport along with the fall colors, which is reflected in his style. 

This featured project hit all the buttons for him! In talking with the clients, Steve learned they entertain heavily and needed an outdoor living space to accommodate a large number of family and friends. Their wish list included a pool area, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, unique design features, evening lighting, plus additional storage.

As the house borders a busy street, noise and privacy was an issue.

“As the yard was small in depth, the solution was designing a formal central ‘interactive fountain’ reminiscent of the Plaza fountains complete with waterfall, lion head fountains, and large urns with gas torches for night effect that would act as a central focal point yet provide 4 ½’ depth to accommodate sports pool activities with a swim jet for stationary swimming against the current. The waterfall provides enough sound to buffer the road noise, and when equipped with a swim up bench seating area behind the waterfall it provided a private nook to sit behind the falls without getting wet,” he continued. “Coping was added by the back bench so that cup holders were provided for your beverage of choice. The pool walls were raised 16 inches and coping widened to 24 inches to accommodate use for sunning and informal seating.”

On a personal note, he expressed the wife grew up with a full-size pool, while her husband wanted a fountain. The compromise was a spool, the combination of a spa and a pool, which allows swimming against a current in a small  pool, while doubling as a hot tub. 

The center feature is comprised of 14-carat gold and covered by tile composed of glass. He explained that gold is a very reflective metal and requires little light to bring out the intensity. It has been used in churches for thousands of years and lasts indeterminably.

He planted a plethora of colorful plants and created massive arrangements in pots. Rosehill provides follow-up maintenance, including pruning, fertilization and care of these plants. 

“We custom-build pots onsite at least 24 inches wide, preferably 30 to 40 inches to create more impact and better root development,” he added.

He agrees that all of us fit a different niche, and these high end, high detail residential designs are his. He believes the quality of construction lasts and is appreciated. Examples are poured concrete walls, real stone vs. cultured stone, integral lighting instead of retro and lots of color. 

“Life is in the details, and I take a personal interest in clients and projects  and designing a space I would want to live in,” he continued. “I listen to their  needs and desires and ultimately create something that follows their style, whether traditional or contemporary.”


The new trend is charcoal greys, blacks and whites, and very smooth clean lines along with neutral colors that accentuate all the seasonal color in pots and beds. New technologies are following more of a contemporary bend.

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