Holiday Gift Guide

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1.  From Teneral Cellars, this Women’s Health 3 Pack offers delicious sipping while donating $10 to The Endometriosis Foundation of America.

2.  Fresh wine, all the time! The original Savino Wine Preserver carafe keeps wine fresh; glass after glass, day after day.

3.  Sample four kinds of whiskey or share sips with friends in this reclaimed bourbon barrel flight, personalized just for the gift recipient. 

4.  Glasvin’s handmade high-quality glassware is made of ultra-light, ultra-thin, yet sturdy hand-blown glass designed to bring out the widest range of aromas.

5.  Be prepared for any party, inside or out, with this OXO insulated Ice Bucket. Includes nylon tongs that hang conveniently from either side and a removable tray that holds drink garnishes.

6.  Celebrating quilt patterns beyond the cloth… These bamboo wood coaster 4-piece sets come in a variety of styles and your choice of round or square.

7.  Perfect for the spirit lover on your list, this will create a 2 ½” diameter sphere of ice in one minute.

8.  Pour yourself a drink from these crime inspired cocktails with this guidebook that pairs 75 deliciously chilling cocktails with the infamous true crime stories that inspired them.

Tech Smart

1.  The Poseidon Pro from Dark Energy, with 10,200 MAH power capacity, provides 30+ hours of battery life.

2.  Polar’s M430 runner’s watch tracks and motivates to keep you on pace to reach your goals.

3.  Bose Alto Frames are bluetooth audio sunglasses, so go outside and never miss a beat.

4.  Put those old records to good use with this automatic belt-driven turntable from Audio-Technia.

5.  Tomtoc’s Smart A06 PadFolio Eva portfolio case is specially designed to prevent damage and to help you make the most use of your iPad.

6.  A Rubik’s cube and then some as the app tracks your progress and gives mini challenges.

7.  SideTrak provides an attachable portable monitor bundle that is perfect for your work and life on-the-go.

8.  Measure your metabolism and get a dietary plan with this latest wellness innovation from Lumen. 

Furry Felines

1.  For the pastry-loving cat, these bread catnip toys from CiyvoLyeen are sure to be a hit.

2.  Leo’s Loo Too is a self-cleaning litter box connected to Alexa and Google Assistant to make scooping the poo a thing of the past.

3.  Sunbathing cats will love to keep an eye on the birds while hanging out in the window hammock seat.

4.  Prevue Pet Kitty Power Paws multi-platform cat scratcher provides opportunities to jump, pounce and lounge.

5.  Keep your cat entertained and hydrated with this ceramic water fountain designed just for them from Miaustore Designs.

6.  Keep kitty nice and toasty with K&H’s Pet Products Leopard Thermo-Kitty Bed. The bed warms to keep them cozy and warm.

7.  Entertain the cat with Ambush interactive electronic cat toy. Randomly rotating feather entices your cat.

Playful Pups

1.  DexyPaws durable dog raincoat lets them play outside on the rainiest of days. 

2.  This Slim Series Rope Leash is constructed of premium dynamic rock climbing rope, giving you and your pup added security on walks.

3.  EcoKind Yak Chews are a healthy and long-lasting chew treat for dogs. Variety of sizes.

4.  Dress up the pooch in a festive winter red dog bandana and they’ll be the star in the holiday pictures.

5.  Dooloop takes it out of your hands and onto the leash with their hands-free dog waste poop bag holder.

6.  Zoo Snoods protects your pup’s ear on the chilly and wet days. Variety of styles cause laughter and smiles.

7.  Extend the life of your pooch’s dog bed with a fitted washable sheet from LAYR. Variety of colors.

8.  Perfect for the holidays! Sassy Woof provides a bundle of everything you need – a matching adjustable harness, collar, leash, and waste bag holder.

Mind Wellness

1.  Radiance in Bloom is just one of many puzzles available from Lemonade Pursuits, providing a perfect way to spend those lazy days during the holidays.

2.  Sensate creates instant calm for an anxious mind in an enjoyable 10 minute session. No effort, training or experience is required.

3.  A 2-in-1 wellness Pink Himalayan salt diffuser delivers two natural healing therapies in one simple device helping you get a restful night’s sleep.

4.  Cleverfy Shower Steamers are aromatherapy shower bombs with essential oils that will create a relaxing atmosphere inside your shower.

5.  A biosensing headband from Flowtime allows you to track and report brainwaves and heart rate in real-time for a deeper understanding of the mind and body, all visualized in an easy-to-use companion App.

6.  A must-have collection of self-care items to make you feel good all over – with the added luxury of enjoying the Mesoamerican culture.

7.  The purest form of vitamins in convenient daily wellness patches. Only the good stuff – no fillers, no junk.

8.  This PAMPER box will be a treat for the recipient as they will be all smiles at the thoughtfulness of this gift that is sure to relax and refresh.


1.  Nomatic’s Navigator Sling 1L is an amazing sidekick that includes tamper proof zips for protection and security, as well as a reflective bar for visibility in the dark. Carry like a fanny pack or cross body.

2.  TIGARI passport wallet and vaccine card holder combo keeps your documents safe when you travel. Assorted colors.

3.  The ultimate pillow for catching zzz’s on your side, this Scrumptious Travel Pillow is a must to take along on your travels.

4.  These Sigma Beauty mini-size eye brushes and liquid lipsticks are travel friendly, keeping you feeling confident wherever you go.

5.  The luggage mini-me is designed to stow and protect your small travel essentials. Variety of colors.

6.  Bring the outside in with this set of three sublime bar soaps inspired by America’s most iconic national parks: Acadia, Zion, and Redwood.

7.  Coffee fiends will love this portable Minipresso espresso machine that lets them make the perfect cup of coffee wherever they are.

8.  Nipomo blankets make any environment cozier. With their handy leather straps to keep them rolled up, they’re always ready for the on-the-go traveler.

Subscription Boxes: For those who have everything

1.  Seasonally inspired home décor pieces delivered to their door will bring a smile to their face year round. Boxes average 6-8 pieces.

2.  The Cure for Your Wellness Needs. Give the gift of relaxation and sleep with a box of curated CBD products, selected just for your unique wellness needs and preferences.

3.  How fun would it be to get new holiday décor delivered to your door! Holidays become memorable and hassle-free. Send one box or a subscription.

4.  You can easily discover, search, and buy coffee and bakery goods directly from small businesses, while getting to know the masters behind their craft – how fun that will be for those who receive this gift!

5.  Where Beauty Meets Inspiration. Mantra Mask combines naturally-derived elements with one of the hottest beauty trends to create a mask with powerful skin healing properties. CBD is derived from cannabis and well-regarded for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nature. 

6.  Make. A. Statement. Without a single word, these Lobe Love earrings can make the boldest statement that empowers you with profound courage. Wear for a daily reminder of the breathtaking statements you’re destined to make.

7.  Unplug and Create. These thoughtfully curated line of eco-conscious DIY clay sculpting kits invite creativity and mindfulness anytime, anywhere – all while giving back to mental health initiatives.

8.  Everyone’s cup of tea can be sipped with a customized box of tea from the world’s finest tea club. The best loose leaf tea, tasting notes and brewing instructions are delivered to their door.

9.  Perfect for your avid reader. Choose from the five best new reads every month, or pick the genre, and get them delivered. Reading books is always cool.

10.  Heck Yes. Cheese. With a commitment to sourcing only the highest quality artisan American and European cheese, Cheesemonger Box is bringing an authentic cut-to-order cheese shop experience to cheese lovers everywhere. 

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