Holiday Gift Guide

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Outdoor Gadgets

Miko Door Step

Easy access to your vehicle’s roof to put gear on or take it off. Holds up to 400lbs.

$44.95   |

HotPod Pocket Hand Warmer

Say goodbye to chilly hands with this USB Rechargeable Hand Warmer and Phone Charger.

$12.99   |

The Handheld Constellation Identifying Planetarium 

Handheld Star Finder quickly locates and identifies stars in the night sky.

$49.95   |

Rapid Rope

120’ of extreme multi-use utility rope.

$24.95   |

LuminAID PackLite Nova USB Solar Lantern

Inflatable to 4.75”, packs down to 1”. Handy for the deck or on a campout.

$24.95   |

Pull Start Fire Starter

Get your logs burning with a pull of the string, no matches needed! Windproof and rainproof.

$17.99 Pack of 3   |

Stocking Goodies

Floral Heart Keepsake Box

This Talavera-Style ceramic box will safely store little treasures.

$19.99   |

Wireless In-Ear Headphones 

Hear in color with these premium sound earbuds in a selection of colors.

$99.99   |

Bike Chain Luggage Tag

Made from recycled bike parts, this luggage tag is perfect for the jet-setting cyclist.

$10   |

UV Care Pocket Sized Sterilizer

Eliminate harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses while on the go. Various colors.

$42.99 each   |

World’s First “One-Click Open” Reusable Straw

One easy step to click open and clean. Pick your style and size of your WonderSip straw! 

Starting at $9.99   |

Monet Waterlillies Art Wallet

RFID secured armoured wallet adds panache to your purse while keeping your identity safe.

$16.99   |

Drink Accomplices

Grasp the Good Times

The handy clamping system keeps your glass at the ready wherever you are. 

$19.99, set of 2   |

PureWine Wands 

Remove those irritants for a better wine experience.

Starting at $11.99   |

Draftbottle’s Re-Usable Detachable Bottle

Fill this stainless-steel bottle with your favorite cold brew and  head out to the pool.

$24.99   |

The Draft Top

Drink topless with this bar tool that removes the top of aluminum cans.

$24.99   |

Kauffman Stadium Travel Mug

Show off the appreciation of the Art of Ballpark Architecture while you enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverage.

$40   |   Use code KCHS for 10% off all orders, no restrictions.   |

Cold Beer Coats

This little puffer jacket is so cool, even your trendiest craft beer will want to wear one.

$13   |

Pastime Games

NYC Skyline Chess 

Checkmate your competitor with Big Apple structure game pieces.

$120   |

Checkerboards with Personality

Forget the standard red and black, select a board theme that speaks to you.

$45   |

Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

Styled off of a popular game, challenge your partner on this board game designed just for you.

$85   |

3D Tic Tac Toe

Not your parent’s tic tac toe, challenge yourself to win in 14 plays.

$30   |

Flipin’ Mini Cornhole

Turn your tabletop into a cornhole field and test your skills at this compact game version.

$59.50   |

Moon Dominoes 

Replace classic dots with the phases of the moon.

$45   |

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