Happy in the Hothouse

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Photos courtesy of Canopia by PALRAM and Hartley Botanic 

Are you one of those gardeners dreading the impending cold months ahead? Going through withdrawal from not having your morning coffee while talking to your flowers? There’s an answer for that – a greenhouse!

Turn your gardening hobby into a year-round passion with the addition of your own backyard hothouse. From vegetables and flowers to exotic plants and seedlings, you can create a little paradise for your soil-loving friends. 

Protect Those Little Petals

No more shivering as fall ends and winter approaches. Greenhouses allow you to give Old Man Winter the cold shoulder. You can create the perfect environment for whatever crop you   want to grow.

All Season Garden

For our colorful blooming plants, a greenhouse lets them show off year-round. With proper pruning and care, many plants can provide you with a springtime-like bouquet year-round. Those little guys starting from seed can get a jumpstart as you don’t need to wait until that last freeze has passed – they stay nice and cozy, allowing an earlier start to your outdoor planting season.

Get Exotic

How many of those tropical plants have you seen but been put off buying because they can’t handle our winters? Give into those urges of that Zone 9 beauty knowing you can keep it flourishing while the flurries fly.

Extra Cash in the Pocketbook

Anyone who buys flowering plants and starter vegetables knows the cost can add up faster than you can fill your garden cart. Starting from seeds, you’ll have a plentitude of plants to fill your garden spaces. And with the extra savings, how about popping for that decorative garden gnome you’ve had your eye on?

Pick the Look

Greenhouses are not a one-and-done design. Today’s houses bring a new dimension to your backyard and can be a center point with gardens and landscaping complementing the outdoors around it. From metal frames to wood, English Garden style to Contemporary, greenhouses should add visual appeal to your backyard. Ready-made greenhouses are available or get creative and build your own. One constructed from old window frames would add the perfect country look. Simple or elaborate – your choice!

Don’t Forget the Water

One of the best additions you can add to your greenhouse is water. When picking out the placement of your greenhouse, keep a close-by water source in mind. For ease of watering your plants and cleaning up messes, having running water inside or nearby will save you time and effort. 

Get Water Naturally

If the corner of your yard is the best spot for your greenhouse, incorporating a rain barrel is the solution. If your greenhouse doesn’t have gutters, consider installing them and funneling the rainwater over to the water barrel. You can even put the barrel inside, directing the rain into a drain hose that runs through the wall and to the barrel.

How Hot or Cold Is It?

One of the most important items you’ll need is a thermometer. You’ll want to make sure your greenhouse isn’t too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer – it’s important to keep your green buddies happy and healthy! Don’t feel like running out to the greenhouse to constantly check the temperature? Invest in a Bluetooth hygrometer thermometer to ensure your plants are safe and comfortable.

One Stop Shop

Your greenhouse allows you to have everything in one place. Organize how you want – flowers on one side, vegetables on the other, a potting bench upfront, and the garden tools in the back. Torn on what size to go with? Go bigger than you think you want. It’s easy to get over-excited when buying and planting and the extra space will be filled up before you know it. 

Make your greenhouse your happy place and your plants’ happy place too!

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