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Nestled in the historic and cozy Waldo area, this guest bedroom enjoyed a complete remodel. 

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos by Matt Kocourek




Nestled in the historic and cozy Waldo area of Kansas City, this guest bedroom, formerly the “den” of the homeowners’ son, enjoys a complete remodel. At first blush, one would never realize that this bright, comforting and welcoming guest bedroom once belonged to a testosterone-fueled young man.

“After their son moved out, the homeowners wanted to turn this room into a guest bedroom,” noted Erika Manuel, interior designer for the Nebraska Furniture Mart Design Gallery. “They are all about family and constantly have people over, and this room now gives them the extra space they need to accommodate guests.”

Among the many strengths of the space is the abundance of light, which adds a natural layer of warmth and softness. The windows enjoy Hunter Douglas Flat Roman shades with Kasmir stationery panels. Except for the original hardwood and the plaster-treated walls, Manuel assisted with every other aspect of bringing this room to life.




“The clients’ style is traditional, but they wanted to do a softer version of that style,” said Manuel. “The wife is big on fabrics and gave me some ideas from which to work and it really shows in the attention we paid to the mix of patterns in the window treatments, the headboard treatment and the bedding. This room is all about the fabrics!”

While the rest of this 1920s abode enjoys stronger colors, this room craved a softer ambiance. With gold and yellow as the dominant colors, accented by a touch of copper, the space not only invites peaceful slumber but also a relaxing escape. The warm toffee color of the wooden Hooker Furniture pieces plays well with the subdued vibe and also directs one’s attention to a couple of highlights in the room – the Eastern Accents bedding and the Century Furniture patterned upholstered headboard.

“The bedding brought in more of a bluish and silver tone, which was a bit of a stretch for her, but she really liked it,” stated Manuel. “She already has several antiques in her home and while the pieces in this room are new, they give the appearance of being among her original collection.”




The Drexel Heritage striped chair in the corner of the room commands a presence of its own, and is something the client, who frequently retreats to this room to read, envisions being used for greater purposes.

“Although she doesn’t have any grandkids yet, she imagines holding a little one some day while sitting in that chair,” smiled Manuel.

The Loloi area rug and the Crystorama light fixture above complete the look.

Going into this project with family in mind, the coordinating and beautiful end results suggest this room will rarely know an unoccupied period of time.



Designer:  Erika Manuel, NFM    |    Area Rug:  Loloi     |    Light Fixture:  Crystorama     |    Bedding:  Eastern Accents    |    Furniture:  Century Furniture    |    Window Shades:  Hunter Douglas

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