Give Your House Some Flowers

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Check out these products to add some floral accents to your home.

Perennial Wildflowers Floral Shower Curtain

$29.99    |

Hand Painted Stainless Steel Bowl by Spices Home Décor

$44.90    |

Havenside Home Watch Hill Multicolor Floral Pillow Set

Starts at $49.99    |

Floral ‘Pastel Flower’ Watercolor Painting

$39.99    |

Gregoire Prima Reversible Chair Pad, Set of 2

$58    |

Spring Floral Measuring Cup

$9.68    |

Molly Hatch Flower Patch Cake Stand with Dome

$129.95    |

Mohawk Home Prismatic Floral Blossoms Area Rug

$171.49    |

Stemless Stainless Steel Floral Wine Glass

$25    |

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