Garden Party

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From tulips to tomatoes, digging in the dirt has a certain attraction.

Whether you have a modest patch in the backyard or your yard is brimming with blooms, gardening is a favorite pastime. As we’re itching to don on our Crazy Plant Lady hat, we browsed around and found some new items that should be on your garden shopping list.


Sturdy multi-purpose garden wagon with all terrain wheels 

$209     |

Battery powered automatic handheld shovel with an auger for easy digging

$139.99     |

Thai kitchen and garden shears are stylish with its Pradu wood handles

$38     |

Turn any pot into a sprinkler pot with this Daisy Rain Sprinkler Saucer

$20     |

Noot is the secret sauce that keeps plants alive + thriving

$10-$15     |

This versatile six-in-one hand tool, the Dirty Little Digger is a must have

$22.50     |


Digz garden glove with touchscreen compatible fingertips 

$13.97     |

Add comfort with Cate’s Garden Ultra Comfort Knee Pads 

$19.97     |

Optimist Leggings with Insect Shield® bug repellent keeps the pests away

$64     |

Waterproof garden clog with insulated neoprene lining and removable insole  

$35     |

Stay hydrated with the HydroJug + Jug Carrier – Multiple Colors

$19.99 Jug + $14.99 Carrier     |

Napa Valley Gardener Gardener’s Apron  with 7 pockets to keep you organized 

$29.95     |

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