Fun and Easy Ideas to Emphasize the Bounty of Autumn!

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For those plants that don’t require a lot of elbow room, these offer some great ways to add some fun and color to your home this fall.

Story by Ann Butenas

We are all most certainly familiar with the phrase “Think outside the box,” but when it comes to adding that decorative touch to your home this Fall, you might want to consider thinking inside the box…  the planter box, that is! Just because the days are beginning to get a bit shorter and the leaves are starting to change, that doesn’t mean you have to put your love for plants and flowers on the shelf during the coming months. Sara Antin, owner of Garden Style with Sara Antin, knows just how to deliver that seasonal splash of color to both the interior and exterior of your home. Keep a few key elements in mind – color, texture, and different shapes  –  and you will create a stunning arrangement that will delight and inspire.

“Fall planters are probably my favorite, as they can be so dramatic and you can really have some fun with them,” expressed Antin.

KCH&S: So, what is the best way to get started to create those eye-catching Fall planter arrangements?

ANTIN: Be sure to measure your pot or urn before you go to your local nursery. They can help guide you as to what comes back nicely year to year, if that is important to you, and you will need to remember to water your outdoor pots every three weeks over the winter months. If you want this for seasonal use only, just get what you like and enjoy. Most of these ideas I suggest for use will last through Halloween and Thanksgiving. To keep things simple, you can also just purchase chrysanthemums in six-inch pots from your local nursey and then place them in your garden later.


KCH&S: What should I keep in mind if I want to plant my arrangements in my garden later on?

ANTIN: Look to see if what you have is ornamental or a perennial. If ornamental, they can be brought inside and will last up to five weeks. If you want to plant your arrangement in your garden later, be sure to check that it is a perennial rather than an annual and that it works in your zone. In the Midwest, we are in Zone Five.


KCH&S: What are some colors and textures we should keep in mind when creating our Fall planters?

ANTIN: Fall grasses are great to add drama. Even if they brown up, they still add an interesting layer of texture due to the seed frods/heads that add even more dramatic dimension. These come in all heights, as well. Another fun idea is to add pumpkins on wooden skewers. For the larger pumpkins – those up to eight inches – you may need to stabilize them with two or three skewers. Faux carving pumpkins labeled for outdoor use from the craft store are great to use as they are lightweight and realistic looking and you can re-use them year-to-year.

KCH&S: For someone who is on a budget, what are some simple and inexpensive ideas to create these spectacular planters?

ANTIN: If I am having a gathering at my home for a specific holiday, I will go for a walk around my neighborhood and gather some Fall leaves and twigs and put them in my pot. These are live and will only last a few days, but they are fun to use because we have so many pretty Fall leaves here. You can also use a big glass jug with a narrow opening and put a twig of Fall leaves in with water to add more beauty and drama. Again, these will only last one to two days.


KCH&S: What are some of your favorite things to use in Fall planters?

ANTIN: I am a big fan of Coral Bells that come in a wide array of colors. I also enjoy the grasses, which are perfect to transfer to your outdoor garden later. Chrysanthemums, another favorite of mine, can also be replanted. Ornamental cabbages add wonderful texture and color and can stay pretty for up to three months.



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