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Bring back those welcoming front porch vibes this summer with some exciting design ideas that offer both curb appeal and an opportunity to relax and unwind.

Story by Ann Butenas

If you want to transform the look of your small front porch and add some exciting curb appeal, there are many ways you can brighten up the space. With so much attention given to backyard patios, it’s time the front porch got some attention. 

We chatted with Kristeena Budig, owner of Designs by Kristeena who has a keen eye for making even the smallest of spaces offer big appeal. She shared some fabulous ideas that will make your front porch the envy of the neighborhood.

KCH&S: If space is limited, what are the options for staging a fun summer-themed front porch?

DESIGNS BY KRISTEENA: If I am working with small spaces, I usually recommend that my client has nice planters to bring lots of color. A summer wreath, lanterns, and, if you have space, a bench or chairs and a small table provide a nice touch. You can toss in some fun summer pillows to bring it all together. 

KCH&S: What type of plants would be good to accessorize the porch?

DESIGNS BY KRISTEENA: I love a big fern on the front porch. It all depends, however, on how much sun you get on your front porch. But I love mixing large plants with summer flowers like geraniums or mandevilla.

KCH&S: How can you decorate a front porch on a budget?

DESIGNS BY KRISTEENA: If you are decorating on a budget, the main areas to focus on are flowers and your entry door and rug. Adding color to your planters and wreath can really liven up your entry. When shopping, look for sale items and try to plan ahead. Shopping at the end of a season can save you for the following year.  

KCH&S: What type of doormats are both functional (i.e. – easy to wipe dirt off feet) as well as attractive?

DESIGNS BY KRISTEENA: I love layering rugs with mats. You can select a mat that can coordinate with all your seasonal rugs. They are machine washable and add a layer of texture and pattern under your door rug.  

KCH&S: What about lighting? String lights? Lanterns?

DESIGNS BY KRISTEENA: I am a huge fan of lanterns! I love placing different size lanterns around planters and up by the front door. You can add a few decor items to your lanterns to coordinate with your season. It creates a warm and inviting light for your guests to feel welcome. 

KCH&S: What types of decorations best stand up to the elements?

DESIGNS BY KRISTEENA: In the colder months I tend to use faux flowers. This is a great option, and the greenery seems to last for several seasons. If selecting pillows, you need to make sure they are true outdoor pillows and inserts. This will keep your pillows from fading and molding. I would also recommend only using outdoor candles in your lanterns. This will keep them from rusting, and they will last longer.

KCH&S: Why should we consider decorating our front porch for the season? (Or for any season, for that matter)

DESIGNS BY KRISTEENA: I feel like it is the first thing people see as they drive by or what guests see as they enter your home. It’s a great place to carry your interior style outdoors. It adds character to your home.

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