English Garden Oasis

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Prepare to journey through the enchanting tale of a lovely pool house and adjoining pool, meticulously designed with timeless charm.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photography by Sherpa Media

Nestled in the heart of a meticulously landscaped English garden, this charming pool house and surrounding spaces stand as a testament to timeless elegance and tranquility. Inspired by traditional English Tudor architecture, the pool house serves as a resplendent oasis, merging classical design with modern luxury. Open air doorways on either side offer a tranquil invitation, opening up to a world where charming interior elements pay homage to the verdant splendor outside, with the pool to one side and the   garden to the other. The brick structure harmoniously blends with the lush greenery, providing a picturesque frame to the shimmering blue pool it oversees. This haven of peace and leisure is not merely an ancillary building, but an embodiment of serene refinement, a perfect blend of form and function.

Located in Mission Hills, Kansas, this scenic English garden and pool house was designed with the details of the main residence in mind. This is evidenced in the steeply pitched roof, the brick exterior, and the steel windows and doors, all of which are hallmarks associated with the English Tudor style. The homeowners wanted a space that was intentionally removed from the main home and corresponding street traffic. As such, natural stone walls and hedges were integrated to develop and inspire that secret garden ambiance.

In the serene heart of this upscale neighborhood known for its grandeur and elegance, the homeowners decided to enhance their expansive property with three remarkable additions – a lavish pool, a cozy pool house, and this meticulously designed English garden. They aimed not only to increase the utility and aesthetic appeal of their luxurious home but also to instill an ambiance of privacy and tranquility, a tranquil oasis amidst the urban sprawl.

The centerpiece of their project is a stunning pool, set against the backdrop of their gorgeous residence. Exquisite in design, the pool reflects the clear azure sky during the day and mirrors the enchanting starlit sky at night, captivating everyone with its surreal beauty. The pool is accented with complementary hardscaping and adorned with ample lounge chairs for family members and guests alike to bask in the sun or relax in the shade.

Adjacent to the pool, the homeowners constructed the charming pool house that serves as a functional and inviting space. Its architecture, inspired by modernist designs, harmoniously blends with the main house, while also asserting its own individual charm. The pool house offers a small kitchenette and living area, providing utmost convenience for any poolside activity. It also provides a comfortable lounging area, perfect for unwinding after a refreshing dip in the pool or hosting intimate gatherings with friends and family.

In spirited collaboration with the talented NSPJ Architects, Lead Designer George Terbovich of George Terbovich Design, currently owned by Lucy Mayor, worked to create this stunning oasis for the homeowners to enjoy. What was once a blank slate of a yard has now become a focal point of bliss, charm, and relaxation for the entire family. The pool was installed first, followed by the pool house and then accented by the lush green garden.

“The yard was essentially turf which we brought to life,” expressed Terbovich. 

And it now stands as a wonderful complement to the main house.

“The pool house is far enough away from the main house that it makes the entire area rather noise proof,” noted Terbovich, who modernized the space with the use of glass and interior décor elements, making it more contemporary, simple, and practical. Terbovich also designed the garden, alongside landscape architect Reed Dillon of Reed Dillon Landscape in Lawrence, Kansas, with heavy input from the homeowner.

“The owners desired privacy, especially from the street, so it was paramount that we made this space secluded,” noted Terbovich.

The garden was designed around four separate squares, known as a partere, which is a classic grid used historically from the 16th/17th centuries.

“It is divided into sections, with each section accented with an ornamental tree and various solid green plants,” he stated.

This meticulously designed sanctuary of green space is tucked behind a grand stone wall and descending steps, which not only addressed the initially challenging grading situation but now provides the sought-after privacy the owners desired. The garden is a poetic canvas of nature, featuring a medley of ornamental trees, green plants and shrubs offset with pathways and a small bench.

“The seating area in the garden is a great place to read a book or to just be quiet and mediate in nature,” emphasized Terbovich. Moreso, it can become a quiet retreat where one can indulge in the symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves.

Through these thoughtful additions, the homeowners have managed to create a personal paradise, one that harmoniously combines utility, beauty, and privacy. This serves as a sanctuary where they can escape the frenetic pace of the outside world, basking in the tranquility of their own idyllic haven.


  • Architect: NSPJ Architects
  • Interior Designer: George Terbovich Design
  • Landscape Architect: Reed Dillon Landscape

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