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Story by Ann Butenas

It seems nearly every year at this time, there is a particular trend with respect to holiday decorations. While the traditional reds, greens and golds still play an integral part in the overall theme of the season, there are always a few new things popping up to inspire your decorating side and perhaps give it a bit of a twist. Yes, there are a few standard offerings  –  snowmen, Santa, angels and Nativity sets still take the lead  –  but it’s always fun to see what’s storming the decorating stage each year.

Josh Lambert, owner of Featherstone Home Accents, an interior design studio, offered a few insights and ideas for those who want to add just a dash of fun to their holidays to those who are ready to jump in all the way spreading the spirit of the season throughout their home.

KCH&S:  What color trends are taking a part in this season’s holiday décor styles?

LAMBERT:  Just like last year, gold metallics are still really hot, as are traditional greens and red. Buffalo Check Plaid is also popular, providing a country rustic look that can be done in a sophisticated way. Depending upon what is being decorated, some people stay away from traditional colors so their decorations can stay up longer. In other words, they lean towards more of a Winter look as opposed to strictly a Christmas look.

KCH&S:  Trees will undoubtedly always play an integral part of the Christmas décor stage, but are they taking on new roles now with respect to how they are being used and placed in the home and is there a growing trend to display more than just one tree?

LAMBERT:  Trees are a personal thing. Some people have a strong, emotional attachment to them from their childhood, so they may prefer a real one. Others simply go for the artificial ones. It goes both ways. It is not uncommon, either, for trees to be used throughout the house, even in bathrooms. Trees are popular in kids’ rooms, too, and are usually left for the kids to decorate themselves. As for the size of trees displayed, it depends on the space. In  kids’ rooms, the skinny, tall trees work well. In bathrooms, smaller countertop-sized trees are perfect. In the great room, a larger tree is usually presented.

KCH&S:  We’ve seen entryways into homes have been given a grander platform to showcase holiday decorations. What are people using in this space to spread the holiday cheer?

LAMBERT:  The entryway makes a statement when you first walk in a home. You usually won’t see the biggest, grandest tree in that space, but you will see some decorations, along with something like garland coming down the bannister. Plus, if you don’t have people coming directly into your home, you can decorate that space as a vignette for people to see when they stand just outside your door.

KCH&S:  Are people decorating in every room in their home or is the trend leaning towards a more minimalist approach?

LAMBERT:  People may not put up decorations in every single room, but perhaps they will decorate more in other rooms. Small, decorative accessories or something with a seasonal appeal may be used for an added touch throughout the home. It all depends on what the person wants.

KCH&S:  How are flowers integrated into the holiday décor?

LAMBERT:  While poinsettias are always popular, we have also seen a lot of frosted succulents and even non-traditional flowers and plants, such as gold poinsettias mixed with pine needles and some greenery for a dressier look.

KCH&S:  Of course, we have to ask about the stockings. Are there any new designs to be hung by the chimney with care?

LAMBERT:  In addition to the traditional stockings, light up ones and others that integrate different colors, such as black and red with a crazy plaid theme, are becoming popular.

KCH&S: Is there anything else that has found its way into the holiday décor theme?

LAMBERT:  Scandinavian-style holiday gnomes are popular. They are made with pointed hats, long white beards or blonde braids and are a perfect addition to your holiday décor. They can match any color palette and will fit in anywhere. You can hang gnomes with skis and sleds on a tree or display them on your mantle with berries and pinecones.

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