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When one thinks of holidays traditions, the Christmas wreath is near the top of the list along with the Christmas tree. This circular shaped decoration adorns our doors, windows and mantels. Having been used for hundreds and hundreds of years, the evergreen was a species looked upon with admiration for its strength in surviving the harshest of winters. This commonly used material together with its circular shape having no beginning or ending, is a symbol of eternal life for some, while others view it as simply decorative. Whichever you choose, the beauty and joy a wreath brings to a home cannot be denied.

Balsam Hill Farmhouse Foliage Wreath 

Starting at $199     |

Holiday Holly and Berry Wreath by One Holiday Way

$44.99     |

24 in. Berry Boxwood Wreath 

$36.56     |

Assorted Berry Wreath 

$42.99     |

Northlight Seasonal Christmas 18” PVC Wreath 

$31.99     |

24” Waterproof Berry Incense Cedar Wreath

$63.99     |

24” Pinecone & Berry Wreath

$79.99     |

Red Berries and Two-Tone Green Leaves Artificial Christmas Wreath

$27.99     |

Pinecone and Faux Eucalyptus with Berries Wreath 

$29.99     |

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