Cozy Neutrals with a Little Edge

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Story by Ashley White of Le Stylo Rouge    |    Photos by Sabrina Osborn

Holiday Season is upon us! We’ve got family and friends to shop for, turkeys to stuff, and festive outfits to wear. Here are a few trends to keep in mind as you pull those winter wardrobes out.

Let’s start with chocolate brown – I encourage you not to sleep on this yummy neutral. It’s having a moment right now, but especially in cozy knits, like this oversized turtleneck sweater.

What I love about this piece specifically is the shorter sleeve, which is great for those milder winter days or festive gatherings where the heat might be cranked a little too high. And if you’re always cold, no matter the thermostat? Just layer a lightweight base layer in black or brown and create some dimension while adding warmth.

I paired my chocolate brown sweater with another fall/winter trend: the long skirt. And black satin, at that. Think you can’t wear black and brown together? Toss that old style rule right in the trash – we’re mixing all the neutrals in 2023. (Hint: you can totally mix black and navy, while we’re on the topic.)

The long skirt can be styled in many ways, but I loved how the cool   satin played against the super soft knit. The slim cut of the skirt also provided some balance paired with the oversized sweater. A good rule of thumb: balance it on the other half wherever you add volume.

The finishing touch and the loudest part of the outfit? A pair of snakeskin boots. Statement boots are another trend to keep an eye on this season; they can elevate any look and provide an immediate dose of visual interest. Whether you’re looking to jazz up some basics or take an outfit to a totally different style level, loud boots are your best friend.

Wishing you a cozy and stylish holiday season, Kansas City!

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