Continuing the Tradition

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See the magical transformation of historical design spaces by Kansas City’s most talented designers. 

Showhouse Tour Dates:  April 22 – May 14th

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House History

This lovely Jacobean home at 3681 Madison Avenue consists of three levels, six bedrooms, three fireplaces, oak and chestnut woodwork and a sunroom. It is located in the Roanoke Historic District, one of Kansas City’s oldest planned suburbs. The district, designated by the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri in 1984, is characterized by a heavily wooded appearance with a great variety of mature trees and roads which outline the perimeter and follow winding curves. 

The first individual owner is listed in the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds office as J. H. Hale in 1905, but the first occupant of the house is listed as Andrew Tribble, a prominent Kansas City Realtor and his wife Carrie.They lived in the home until 1917. Throughout the years and seven other homeowners, many renovations and changes were made on this brick 4,435 square-foot home.

The owner from 2004 to the present is Dr. Thomas Marchioro, scientist and technologist. He and his wife Durene Anderson-Marchioro have been kind enough to share this historical home with the Symphony Alliance as its 53rd tour home.

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