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In a fanciful play on circles and squares, this kitchen remodel delights on all levels.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photography by Paul Bonnichsen

There’s a reason why the experts at Kitchens by Kleweno do such outstanding work time and time again. They are well-versed in delivering artistic and innovative designs, no two of which are ever alike. This particular kitchen remodel is no exception to the art-inspired motif and overall  functionality for which Kitchens by Kleweno is known.

“The homeowner wanted something contemporary, yet simple with a minimalistic style,” noted Genevieve Hamel, designer with Kitchens by Kleweno. “However, we introduced the curves into this design for something unique and different.”

Although the client was initially reluctant to the concept of integrated curves into the space, he eventually saw the beauty and appeal to him. With such a spacious presence in the home, this kitchen is highly visible from many vantage points in the home, most notably when one enters through the front door.   As a result, one of the first features that stands out is the silver circular cabinet on the island piece.

“This has a metallic finish with corrugated doors that open with  a touch latch,” noted Hamel. “With its Caesarstone countertop in a concrete color, this truly is a statement piece.”

The large island is home to many amenities, including a sink with a single drawer dishwasher flanking each side of it, pull-out, and additional storage drawers underneath the dishwashers.

Working in conjunction with the curved aspect of the island is the range hood, referred to as an eyelid hood, along with the back panel behind the cook top, both of which offer the metallic layer to the motif. Additionally, the stainless steel refrigerator and oven balance out the equation.

The curved wall cabinets offer another grand expression of artistic beauty in this kitchen. Their curved structure adds something different to the bar area. Further, the carob-stained ash veneer with horizontal grain on the complementary cabinets provide the necessary visual contrast to the area.

The homeowner did not need a lot of freezer space, so Hamel opted for freezer drawers instead, which are located just below the microwave and steam oven. A 30” wide column refrigerator stands to the right of the bar area.

The custom linear pulls were specifically designed for this kitchen, as they are each shaped with an angle on the end. This keeps them from hitting other drawers and cabinets when they are pulled open.

“These pulls were made specifically to the size of each cabinet and drawer,” noted Hamel. “Plus, their sleek and uniform design work well with this kitchen.”

The expansive kitchen island resembles a piece of furniture with its legs and unique appearance. The oven is also unusual in its presentation, as it was designed as a floating concept. Everything about this kitchen is unique in its aesthetic yet still fully functions to the owner’s expectations and needs.

“It took a bit of engineering to make this come to fruition,” noted Hamel.

As part of an open and simplistic designed home, this kitchen plays a strong role in its personality.   Fortunately, Kitchens by Kleweno understands what it means to bring true beauty to the heart of the home.

“While we enjoy all that we do, this was a very special project for us,” reflected Hamel. 

Project by Kitchens by Kleweno

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