Bringing Joy to the Home

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Inspiring holiday décor pieces beautifully spread Christmas cheer.

Story by Ann Butenas     |     Photography by Matthew Anderson

Celebrating the reason for the season is the inspiration behind the beautiful interior holiday decorations of this Johnson County residence. Overseen by Brenda Freebern, owner of Picture Perfect Interiors, this stunning Christmas display seamlessly brightens the spaces throughout the home and captures the imagination while simultaneously making a statement about the religious aspects of the holiday that are an integral part of the homeowners’ lives.

The grand, majestic and expressive white tree in the great room is truly a focal point of the overall display.

“On the tree are many angels and crosses, celebrating the reason for the season,” noted Freebern. Highlights throughout the room to accent the ambiance include candles, reindeer and holly, with strong layers of white, silver and gold to complement the setting.

Because the family uses every room in the house, Freebern intentionally set the holiday stage in each area with appropriate touches. The dining room, for example, offers a subtle nod to the holidays with a centerpiece made of holiday greenery and pinecones, elegantly accented with a gold fabric table runner.

“This piece was made intentionally low to the table so when the family sits here they can see each other over it,” said Freebern. “Plus it adds beauty to the space.”

The traditional nativity scene that has belonged to the family for years is displayed annually as yet another snapshot of the reason for the season. The sleigh centerpiece on the kitchen table is a delightful arrangement presented with the family’s children in mind with its tribute to Saint Nick. The pops of red, gold, holly and berries make it a whimsical standout. The small framed photo of Saint Nick on the table behind the adjacent sofa offers yet another subtle touch of childlike imagination in honor of the kids, and the multi-colored lights adorning the nearby tree add to the festive and intentional casual décor.

“This particular tree is more like a memory tree, as the kids all have ornaments on it and fun, decorative items beneath it that they have collected and made over the years,” noted Freebern. “Each child also has a tree in their respective bedrooms, each with a theme and each decorated with help from the kids.”

When working with clients, Freebern asks what their traditions are and then considers how to appropriately integrate those into the overall theme and display she creates.

“The accessories in this particular holiday arrangement are important, as they are all statement pieces with a purpose,” indicated Freebern, whose team of four put in roughly eight hours of work to bring this entire holiday ambiance to life. “You definitely know it’s Christmas when you come into this home.”

Just as Santa stands next to two reindeer on the kitchen island countertop display, complete with ribbons, greenery and candy canes while greeting guests with a warm welcome, Freebern also appreciates sharing the joy of the season through her collaboration with her clients.

“I enjoy working with people and learning about their traditions and customs,” smiled Freebern. “It’s truly a joy to see.”

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