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Today’s New Normal is Innovating and Intriguing

Story by Mitzi Beach, ASID, CAPS   |   Photo By Gavin Peters

Whatever happened to the matching bedroom furniture suite? It wasn’t that long ago that matching beds and nightstands were bought; even our dressers matched!

But, thank goodness, this is no longer what the homeowner is wanting or is buying today.

What is actually trending today in bedroom furniture and specifically headboards? Everything and anything that one can imagine. Personalization and customization is one of the main desired components for furniture today for all age demographics.

Ultra-sophisticated headboards to the casual cottage, rustic to industrial and all things in between are styles of today’s headboards.




Meeting this demand for personalization is the unique application of all styles, materials, and sizes. As a result, headboards are being made from shutters, doors, and antique anything, even old gates and mantels.

Let’s not ignore the huge movement towards green or sustainable design. How perfectly does repurposing our old headboards by painting or glazing or re-staining fit this trend? Giving our headboards a totally new look by changing the finish or fabric covering reduces more furniture heading for the landfills.

Today, we are also seeing an entire wall designed around the bed with a light bridge connecting the wall unit to often built in storage on either side of the bed. These designs also can be a DIYer’s creative endeavor or creatively designed by experts.

We are seeing today that all materials are fair game for headboard use. High gloss paints, metals in all forms, recycled or repurposed woods, leathers, fabrics in all textures, patterns, and styles, and of course gorgeous woods of all varieties are finding their way onto headboards.

Bedrooms have now become the rooms where individual personalities not only allow all design possibilities, but also the opportunity to express our personal convictions. The only limit of what is possible for the new normal headboards of today in our own imaginations.

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