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Those two phrases are no longer contradictory. The trend today is gourmet cooking at home facilitated by home delivery of all the fresh ingredients. Those ingredients arrive in the exact amounts needed along with detailed instructions and pictures, so that anyone can create a delicious meal.

If you love to cook, but are short on meal planning and shopping time, it may be for you. And if, like me, you have no imagination when it comes to cooking, it is definitely for you. The only thing that can make gourmet cooking at home even better is preparing it in a kitchen that has the latest in appliances and gadgets. I actually love to cook now, so much so that my newly remodeled kitchen had to have two items that enhanced my prep and cooking experience.

The first was a 4’ chef’s sink complete with a cutting board, colander, drain rack and prep bowl. The second, an induction cook-top that provides precise temperature control for sautéing and can bring water to a boil within a minute. You may prefer a gas cooktop, I like the ease of cleaning with the induction and the safety of no flame. In either case, an overhead hood, or pop up downdraft will vent the kitchen and keep it cleaner. Happy cooking.


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