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Gray is here to stay. It is important to find a way to work it in as gray adds a freshness to your space. This can be done without changing everything else you have. Combining brown and gray tones is lightening up spaces, creating softer or subtle spaces. We are seeing this combination in many products including furniture, fixtures, finishes and more. Grays are being mixed with many different colors and variations of white finishes. The gray tones are coming in with metal finishes on some items and products. Balancing out the selections between the warm and cool grays and the richness in wood tones and painted woods is important to creating a more timeless design. All industries are  embracing this; from cabinetry to tile, light fixtures to furniture. This concept is being taken across all design schemes from modern to traditional to rustic or country. Overall gray tones play an important fresh role and needs to be incorporated into existing spaces in a cohesive manner. No matter what your preferred design style, you will see this trend introducing itself.



1.  Throw Pillow from Wayfair    |    2.  Eaton II Chair    |    3.  Richland Grey Two Tone 2 Door Cabinet    |    4.  Claire Wood & Linen    |    5.  Sloan I Chair    |    6.  JCPenneys Drapery    |    7.  Bedford 2 Drawer / 2 Door Sage Grey Cabinet with Wood Top

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