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First impressions are lasting and this home leaves a striking one. This slightly modern concrete water feature, complemented beautifully by the natural framework of the colorful surrounding landscape, makes this Leawood residence one you’ll remember.

Designed and installed by Adam Lang with Next to Nature Landscape, the homeowner knew she wanted a fountain, but not just any fountain, so Lang confidently took to the task of working in conjunction with the owner to find the perfect piece.

“After the homeowner and I found this concrete fountain, my team and I then designed the walk way around it,” noted Lang, referencing the artfully-installed pavers that work in harmony with the paver driveway. “Last year, a backyard pool, outdoor kitchen and putting green was installed in the backyard, and we extended that particular look around the house to the front yard with this project.”

More than just a water fountain, this piece is a work of art, and its relaxing water element located inside a small bowl within the fountain adds to its appeal.

“You don’t notice the water immediately, as it is more of a subtle feature,” said Lang. “In fact, you will most likely hear the water before you see it.”

With the fountain as the focal point of this masterpiece, Lang incorporated a host of visual delights, including Mexican beach pebbles congregated around the base of the fountain; potted annuals on either side of the fountain; drift roses to the side; caramel coral bells; hydrangeas; and even a dry creek bed comprised of cobble stones, a/k/a, cobblers. All of the incorporated accents easily correspond with the natural motif of the entire design, giving passersby a beautiful lasting impression.

Project Designer: Next to Nature Landscape

Story by Ann Butenas

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