Grill Gadgets

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O-Yaki’s heat-resistant Barbecue Grill Gloves are durable, fireproof mitts that can be used indoors and outdoors. 

$19.99    |

The Casa M collection of cleverly-named Texas-made spice blends are perfect for whatever you are grilling. 

$51.99    |

Stock up on your favorite meats and veggies and make perfectly grilled kebabs with O-Yaki’s innovative stainless-steel skewer system. 

$39.99    | 

Wildwood Grilling Hamburger Grilling Gift Set includes everything you need to make the perfect burger! 

$57.99    |

Make him a certified Pit Commander! These 3 distinct fire pit tools (Commander, Ranger, Talons)  are each USA-built to last a lifetime.

$159-$179    |

StaySafe’s 5-in-1 revolutionary, small and easy-to-use, portable fire extinguisher is perfect for grilling season, simply point and spray. 

$29.99    |

Wow your guests with your impressive grilling skills with Proud Grill Connect It Magnetic – 2 BBQ Tools, 4 Uses, elegant stainless steel design. 

$54.99    |

Just dip in water and swipe away with this reusable Steam Clean Grill Cleaner by Proud Grill.  

$19.99    |

These sturdy USA-made GrillKilts are like barbecue tool belts, with room for extra tools, ingredients, towels and, yes, adult beverages. 

$89 – 12 Stylish Colors    |

O-Yaki’s Perfectly Portable Grill Set has all the barbecue accessories you need for cooking outside, turning you into a Grill Master! 

$49.99    |

Use this BBQ Grilling Mat flat or snap the corners together to form a leak-proof, high-rimmed dish. Cleans easily. 

$14.99    |

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