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Creating Design Elements That Are One-Of-A-Kind

Story by Jeanie Erwin


Though not easily defined, you know artistically designed spaces immediately when you see them and when you feel the atmosphere it creates – deeply personal, solid, rich and lasting. It is the difference between a space created for living and a space created for living beautifully, and exactly what Dennis and Amanda Bracken of Dennisbilt Custom Cabinetry and Design strive for in design.

Dennis, an artist specializing in woodcraft and kitchen design, views the entire space as the canvas and believes that every space should be the ultimate in true art, a design that fuses function with an expressive beauty that spans generations.

“While I am the artist and creator, I am just translating the client’s own artistic vision for their space. That means every space is very uniquely created, from the species of wood to the designs, lines, layouts, and hardware,” shares Dennis so enthusiastically that you, too, become enthralled in the hearing.


One moment with Dennis and you know that he is not just a cabinet maker, and though a designer, that too falls short of defining his work. To be more specific, he crafts intimately designed spaces fueled by a belief that harkens back to a time when homes were not just built, they were built with inspiration – breathed out of the heart and soul of the owner. It is the difference between cabinets and kitchen design being made to serve a purpose and cabinets and kitchen design to tell a story to the ages.

Dennis explains the concept of legacy design, “I design and create spaces that you want to pass down to your children, that tell your story in such a way that even one hundred years from now someone could walk through the space and know you, but also be moved by the art themselves and walk away changed.”

That is a tall order when you think about how quickly styles change. That however, is one of the big differences in legacy design. It is not necessarily about current trends but about bespoke design where every element is considered a long-term, high quality furnishing that is part of a complete artwork.


“That means I incorporate the work of other true artists when possible to create a complete picture. It means we listen to our clients and work more closely with them than is typical to ascribe their vision. It also means that we work hard at translating the details down to the minutia,” he explained.

His wife and partner Amanda plays a very supportive role in project management and sourcing supplies and materials from all over the world, whether they are antique French doorknobs or local repurposed wood.

“Amanda inspires me, and works well helping clients define the art they want to create. She keeps things moving in a very fast paced environment.”

The company has a strong commitment to being as green and responsible as possible. They choose American made products and use formaldehyde-free wood from trees grown in certified, sustainably managed forests.

“I create art as a legacy and believe that it is our responsibility to make sure others can do the same in the future.”


The Complete Picture

Dennis describes himself as an artist who happens to be great at woodcraft, and because of that it is very easy to think of him primarily as a “cabinet maker”. He is also however, an artist great at kitchen and bath design; and to fully appreciate his work, you need to see the complete picture.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to do entire kitchen renovations because it provides the opportunity to use every element to tell a story. That is valuable when you are creating something enduring, something you hope the occupants of the home will enjoy for generations,” Dennis explained of the design and creation process. “It also helps create a space that has continuity and exceptional functionality.”

Above all, Dennis Bracken strives to create designs that homeowners feel fit their lives now and will fit their lives decades from now. Dennisbilt offers all-inclusive, fully integrated design and remodeling services that honor and reflect each client individually.


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