Coloring Outside The Lines

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Story by Ann Butenas     |     Photos by Matt Kocourek

This 1909 historic home in the Roanoke neighborhood of Kansas City was in need of some updates. However, the homeowner desired to retain the historic influences of the home by maintaining the bold use of color, adding a strong whisper of a Moroccan influence to the space.

Built in the era of the Arts and Crafts Movement, this home personifies the bold color choices of that time period. Joe Thompson, co-owner of the remodeling firm of Architectural Craftsmen, relied on colorful tile pieces to bring the homeowner’s request for an updated master bathroom that also promoted its original historic notes to fruition.

“The homeowner desired an update but also wanted to retain the influences of the time period in which the home was built,” noted Thompson.

The striking handmade blue vertical tile pieces in the shower create a dramatic waterfall effect. This is easily complemented by the Arabesque patterned tile work on the adjacent wall, which in turn is surrounded by  4” x 16” white tile pieces creating a strong backdrop. The tiled shower floor and the thick, ceramic bathroom floor pieces harmoniously tie the look together.

“This bathroom remodel is definitely a departure from most of the others we have done,” emphasized Thompson, who also pointed to the antique handmade furniture piece converted to a vanity. Thompson modified the piece by adding drawers that slide in and out around the plumbing and then adding a new countertop.

“This space definitely involved a lot of colorful tile, which gave us the opportunity to have some fun with the project,” said Thompson.

Project by Architectural Craftsmen

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