Bathroom Trends

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When you consider the spaces you use the most, your bathroom often comes to mind. While it is a functional spot, that doesn’t mean it can’t be in the running for one of the most designed rooms in the house. We spoke with Melody Davidson of Interiors by Melody to get some insight on how your powder room can be a fashion statement.

KCH&S: For small sized spaces, how can you make a big impression?

MELODY: It may be small, but it’s the room usually visited by your guests. The bathroom is where you can do design things you would never do in the rest of the home. Be creative with the walls, a fun wallpaper or bold color, maybe one of the new PPG Metallic finishes. Hang a dramatic mirror, use a furniture style vanity or an interesting rug.

KCH&S: Big roomy glassed-in showers allow for plumbing fixtures to really stand out. What trends are you seeing with this exposed plumbing?

MELODY: There are a number of new finishes available to choose from. ‘Gold’ finishes are back, but not the bright brass of the 80’s. Elegant, but understated, this gold has more of a soft golden look. Chrome finishes are classic, will never be out of style and are the easiest finish to take care of.

KCH&S: With so many options available for shower wall materials, what is trending these days?

MELODY: The trend is ‘big is better’. The bigger the tile, the smaller and fewer grout lines you have on your shower wall. Less grout means less maintenance. You can still create a dramatic looking shower using large tile with a subtle pattern. Natural Marble tile, a longtime favorite for elegant showers and master bathrooms, requires care and maintenance. While there is nothing more beautiful than the ‘real thing’, today we can find a multitude of large format Porcelain tiles and slabs that replicate various marbles. You can even find suppliers making wall size panels for a seamless shower wall.

KCH&S: Tubs have always been a staple in the bathroom. Freestanding tubs are being seen everywhere but are other styles on their way back? 

MELODY: I don’t see freestanding tubs moving from the top of the list. Just as years ago the huge built-in whirlpool tub was hot, now the freestanding tub is at the forefront. For whirlpool lovers, some manufacturers are now offering tubs with air systems at the bottom of the tub that move the water without recirculating it as a whirlpool does. This gives more of a relaxing massage instead of vigorous massage like the whirlpool.

KCH&S: Whites, greys, wood tones – are there any colors that are being used more than others right now?

MELODY: Greys are still a huge factor in most new construction and remodeling today with warmer greys emerging as the leading tones which work in both traditional and more contemporary settings. Whites are softening from crisp blue/white to softer off whites. As for trending colors, dark shades of blue, navy, indigo are being used as alternatives to classic black. All three of these ‘neutrals’ create excellent backdrops for any accent color one may choose.

KCH&S: Everyone loves a personalized space. What is the most unusual bathroom you’ve created? 

MELODY: The powder room I am currently creating is a multi-functional space, as it is tucked under the upper part of the new staircase to the second floor, allowing access to that hidden space under the staircase. A wainscot around the room creates an interesting backdrop for the furniture style vanity. One of the panels has a hidden latch that opens into the area under the steps and offers a convenient location for storing suitcases and whatever else needs to be tucked away. The upper part of the wall will be wallpapered in a playful starburst pattern with a subtle metallic and matte finish. My goal is to make you smile when you walk into these little rooms.

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