Bathroom Technology Trends

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From Smart toilets to Smart showers, the bathrooms of 2022 are incorporating technology to further elevate their functionality and performance.

Story by Ann Butenas

Technology is everywhere, and our personal spaces are no exception. The newest bathroom products are designed to make life easier, help conserve water and energy, and elevate the feeling of luxury and sophistication.

We spoke with Lynn Nelson, Store Manager of Kohler Signature Store in Overland Park, Kansas, to discover the latest and greatest ways to interact and engage with your bathroom in a truly modernized manner.

KCH&S:  What is a digital valve system and how does it customize our bathroom experience?

NELSON:  Many products on the market today allow us to access technology in our bathrooms. The Anthem digital control system, for example, lets you control the function, temperature, and water flow, creating your very own custom shower experience. With its eco-mode, you can also stay mindful of water usage. The sleek and minimal design is perfect for a clean shower space. Combine this with steam for an incredible shower experience.

KCH&S:  What is air induction technology and how is it used in the shower?

NELSON:  I love this technology. The Katalyst® air-induction spray creates a unique blend of air and water, producing larger droplets of water for added warmth and full coverage spray. There are multiple spray features, as well. The cross steam kinetic massage spray on the new Statement series is one of a kind.

KCH&S:  What is a voice-lighted mirror and what benefits does it have?

NELSON:  The Vedera voice Alexa-enabled mirror offers bright, shadowless light as well as full stereo sound to your bathroom with the use of voice command. Enjoy your favorite music, get current weather conditions, or your local news. Just ask Alexa  and experience a hands-free experience as you start your day. Lights are adjustable to the perfect setting for your activity, outdoors, evening, and everything in between. For the ladies, we all know a daytime makeup application versus an evening one are two very different applications. Plus, the motion-sensing light will guide your way for those middle-of-the-night bathroom visits.

KCH&S:  Is it really possible to have a toilet that doesn’t require the use of our hands?

NELSON:  Toilets have gone high-tech. The Eir intelligent toilet is a prime example and is installed in our showroom. It features a heated seat, customizable cleansing, night light, automatic flush, a touchscreen remote, drying and deodorizing, and, yes, hands-free opening and closing. Plus, its sleek and beautiful design can make the toilet a wonderful centerpiece in your bathroom. 

KCH&S:  How are faucets becoming more like works of arts in addition to their utility?

NELSON:  The Grid by Kallista is sleek and minimalist design that creates more of an abstract work of art for your bathroom. It provides a strong visual impact and lets its simple beauty command the space. The contemporary faucet designs of today allow you to make an artistic statement in your bathroom.

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