Adorned in Color

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Everywhere your eye travels, a colorful piece of heaven is seen.

Story by Cheri Woodsmall     |     Photography by Matt Kocourek

As you pull into the circular drive of this expansive home nestled in a quiet corner of Hallbrook, your eye is immediately drawn to the vibrant color of the  garden, sitting boldly in the left corner of the front lawn. Within it deep purple delphinium, lavender poppies and bursts of coral and climbing America roses sit softly against an antique white hydrangea backdrop. Loose, colorful blooms help create the English garden feel. Bluish-purple salvia adds a jolt of color.

The eye quickly shifts to the middle of the drive, where a luscious green Holly tree stands at attention surrounded by Vermillion Red Begonias, with boxwoods cut in the whimsical shape of a wagon wheel. The front of the home has a stately feel, with tightly trimmed boxwoods that host beautiful periwinkle and white plumbago plants in large pots. It’s just the beginning. Homeowner Elizabeth Adair who is also an artist, interior designer and jewelry designer, puts great care and nurturing into this fun, colorful outdoor tapestry that is her home.

“I love to bring vibrant, rich color and art not only into the landscape of my home, but inside as well,” said Elizabeth. Her eye for color comes from years of artistry and a familial love for gardening. “I truly learned to see color from my mentor, Professor and Artist Wilbur Niewald, at the Kansas City Art Institute. He taught me to take a step back and believe in what I see. It’s an emotional journey; art and color. My favorite thing about color – the juxtaposition of it all. The shapes and movement in my gardens, much like jewels that change with the light.”

Although her love for color comes from her artistic background, her love for gardening is deep rooted in her East Coast blood. “My Mother adored gardening. I grew up in New York. My earliest memory was of her wonderful Japanese garden with a beautiful Koi pond. She also had a lovely summer home with an enormous garden where she spent most of her time,” reflected Elizabeth.

As you walk around the perimeter of the home, several pops of colorful surprises make your acquaintance. Neatly trimmed Boxwoods provide structure. Elizabeth doesn’t take all the credit herself. “Working with Brian Ritter, with Ritter Gardening is such a blessing. He works his magic and everything just falls into place,” laughs Elizabeth. “He’s also quite mindful of the environment and tries to garden naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides. I love that about him.”

The real vibrancy is behind the home on the second level patio and pool area. Around the pool, huge bright pots overflowing with shocking jolts of color can be found. Bright hues of contrasting combinations adorn the upper deck area and complement the bright color of her outdoor furniture. In the corner of the pool area, a bright green hammock beckons you to relax with a book and a glass of wine. The result – a stunning focal point that draws attention to the view around. “Even when nothing is blooming, we still have color. And that is just fine with me,” smiled Elizabeth.


Landscaping: Second Nature Outdoor Living and Landscaping and Boresow’s Lawn     |     Flowers: Ritter Gardening     |     Pool Service: Kraft Pool Service     |     Designer: Elizabeth Adair Interiors and Designers Only Showroom     |     Sculpture Artist: Andrew Carson     |     Planters & Statuary: Van Liew’s Home & Garden

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