Welcoming Guests: Rosehill Gardens

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This outdoor kitchen just might beg for your attention with custom designs, user-friendly elements, and amazing personal touches that take outdoor entertaining to a delightful new level.

Story by Ann Butenas   |   Photo by Matt Anderson




Adhering to the philosophy that form follows function, Steve Heichel, landscape designer with Rosehill Gardens, has taken his craft to a decided new level with this fully functional outdoor kitchen that harmoniously partners striking design features with the surrounding environment.

“In creating this space, we were being sympathetic to the environment, designing the elements to reflect the surrounding wooded area and rock outcroppings,” noted Heichel.

Located in a prestigious Leawood subdivision, the homeowners desired a workable and user-friendly area that allowed for the partnering of  inviting entertainment space while simultaneously giving a nod to the natural environment in which their yard exists.

Owners of a prominent barbeque establishment in Kansas City, the homeowers not only appreciate that which pleases the palate, but also that which pleases the eye. Their appreciation for the outdoors and love of beautiful landscape design allows this outdoor kitchen to pull its weight in use while effortlessly working with all natural aspects of the backyard, which is contiguous to a wooded area.

“One of the features they wanted was a high-end pizza oven,” noted Heichel. “This particular one reaches temperatures up to 1,000 degrees and can cook a pizza in eight to nine minutes.”

Comprised of mason laid native Kansas stone, Heichel kept the half-moon oven design to a smaller profile for a relaxed affect, opting for a natural looking, rougher stone to remain compatible with the adjacent terraced waterfall and wooded space. The accompanying gas grill is set into a custom-made limestone slab counter top. The patio is brought to life by colored concrete which has been scored and set on the diagonal to give the appearance of tile. Other key players within the space include the fire pit, hot tub, gazebo, pool and an abundance of colors offered by the flowers and landscape offerings.

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