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More is better when it comes to candles.

Whether relaxing in the bath or sipping wine in your favorite chair, fill the air with aroma that transports you to another place.

Chilled cider turns to warm apple cider when you light your Apple Cider candle.

$24    /    barecandleco.com

Chic. Classy. Crisp. AMBROSIAL brings together the fresh smell of a ski trip with the floral bouquets of spring.

$60    /    nanorcollection.ca

The Isles captures the cool, crisp air you would find on the highlands.

$65    /    noxvesta.com

SUPERNOVA – The perfect scent in the perfect vessel. 

$48+    /    opalroadhome.com

Soul Flame takes you in front of a crackling fire with the aroma of cranberries, apple cider and cinnamon bark.

$38+    /    artistscent.com

Tahiti takes you on an escape to the island’s beautiful turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.

$39    /    rarelumiere.com

Gorgeous soy candles encapsulating a laidback lifestyle and evoking the joy of self-care.

Starting at $27    /    vitamia-ca.com 

Hand-poured in the USA from all-natural coconut and soy wax, Soft Cashmere provides just the perfect amount of fragrance.

Starting at $19.90    /    onequince.com

Receive a seasonable candle of the month with Broken Top’s Candle Club.

Starting at $22 month    /    brokentopcandleco.com

Inspired by the glamour of the Golden Age, OLD HOLLYWOOD will sweep you away to musings of timeless leads on the silver screen.

$36    /    miseenscent.com

Rope Candles – Available in Packs of 4, 4 colors to choose from.

$35    /    54celsius.com

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