Venturing To A Villa

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Building your quality of life, not just a home.

Story by Ann Butenas    |    Photos by Matt Kocourek

Originally known as an ancient upper-class country house, the term villa has its origins in the Roman villa and over time became known as small farming compounds, frequently transferred to the church to repurpose as a monastery. During the Middle Ages, they become known as elegant upper class country homes and today, a villa can refer to most any type and size of home that embraces both luxury and comfort.

Offering peace and quiet, villas offer a desired lifestyle. Whether you want a cozy home for your family, a secluded space for yourself or the ultimate place to party, villas give you the luxury to choose. Classy, luxurious, quirky or cozy…your villa home will speak of the person that you are!

Kansas City offers a variety of villa living options. Image looking out on a lush golf course from your custom designed villa. This dream has become a reality for many already.

They look the same on the outside, is there much difference on the inside? We decided to find out and took a tour of Prairiefire Villas. Backing up to LionsGate golf course, these maintenance-free homes are close to shopping and entertainment. Inside, the caliber of the design was phenomenal. So much so that we are sharing with you a 3 part series on villa living. Starting in this issue, you’ll walk through rooms filled with glimmering metallics and uniquely designed vaulted ceilings. In May you’ll tour a colorful modern villa and in June a classy shiplap villa.

Lambie Custom Homes initiated this community, offering designs bursting with luxurious touches, finishes and amenities, along with some of the most spectacular outdoor living spaces in the area, including outdoor bar areas and elegant fire pits.

As the exclusive developer for the neighborhood, Lambie Custom Homes is known for its solid reputation for quality and excellence and is the obvious choice for this prestigious, yet decidedly down-to-earth community, as evidenced by the people who live there. Owner Jim Lambie has partnered with lead architect, Scott Bickford, owner of Bickford + Company, an award-winning architectural firm specializing in residential architecture and design, to establish this upscale community.

“Traditionally, villas have been thought of as empty-nester homes due to the desire for low maintenance,” noted Bickford. “Now, however, others are finding that quite appealing, especially families with kids, as they don’t have to take the time to mow the lawn or shovel the driveway. They can concentrate on spending quality time with their families, doing what they want to do.”

Bickford explained that villas designed in the past usually emphasized a primary focus on first floor living, with secondary bedrooms on the lower level of the home.  In this case, however, there exists a different type of clientele, those who desire a truly custom-built home complete with high-end finishes, spacious common areas, and lots of room for entertaining, as well as a significant focus on outdoor living. Some plans even offer an elevator to access all levels.

“Each home is custom made, and each client has a different goal,” said Lambie. “Each one can be any size but most are between 5,000 and 6,000 square feet. While the exteriors of the homes are consistent in design on purpose to give this place a village-like feeling, the interiors are completely different, depending on the client’s tastes. You want some uniqueness to the place but you also want it to appear as if the homes all belong together.”

Unique to this community are the outdoor living spaces on the second floor of the homes; great views of the golf course; and recreation spaces on the second floor with porches or balconies overlooking the golf course.

Experience luxury living that is a lifestyle synonymous with giving yourself the opportunity to do what you truly want to do. See you again in May and click here to read the first villa feature!

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