Tuscany Christmas

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This warm and inviting Transitional Style Home gets all dressed up for the holidays.

Story by Ann Butenas     |     Photography by Matt Kocourek

No matter the time of year, this Leawood residence exudes in personality and style with all of the warm and inviting features indicative of a transitional style home. During the holidays, however, it pushes the envelope a bit and sets the stage for a bright and festive holiday season.

Working in tandem with designer Christy Renner, Interior Designer with Picture Perfect Interiors, homeowners Melanie and Mike Falbe have created a veritable winter wonderland with this delightful display of holiday cheer, and Renner summed up the overall presentation perfectly.

“Transitional elegance is displayed throughout this warm and inviting Tuscany Reserve home,” she noted. “This is a space where soft neutrals, touches of blue and beautiful architectural features are enhanced by shimmering holiday decor and woodsy accents.”

Renner collaborated with Picture Perfect Interiors’ talented floral designers, Linda Forsythe and Madeleine Thies on this particular project.

“I’ve worked extensively with Melanie and Mike for many years with respect to their interior design appointments. Melanie enjoys bringing in Renner and the Picture Perfect Interiors team during the holidays, as well.

“They’ve done my tree and mantles for years,” noted Melanie, whose home was actually on the Johnson County Young Matrons Home for the Holidays Tour a few years ago.

This reverse floor plan enjoys the full style treatment over the holidays, the decorations for which Melanie organizes room by room.

“I take photos each year to help me remember how each space is decorated so I can continue to recreate the look,” she explained.

Melanie admits she does enjoy adding to her collection on occasion and likes to add a new floral arrangement or a new Santa Claus item each year. She also likes to further accessorize for the season by adding balsam and fir candles and greenery in bowls accented with bright ornaments. Of course, the urns outside by the front door add another layer of spirited elegance, setting the stage for the beauty that resides within the home.

Melanie typically has the house decorated the Tuesday before Thanksgiving – mainly the mantles and trees – and then she does the rest of the decorating before the Christmas season kicks into high gear. Renner greatly appreciates the mantle for its festively elegant presentation.

“The gorgeous travertine mantle adorned with a beautiful garland makes this great room a fabulous space to host holiday parties and create treasured family memories,” she said.

Although Melanie has been decorating her home for the holidays for many years, she does not have any heirlooms, but she did inherit some of her late mother’s decorations that have become part of her collection, and she also purchases things on occasion.

“I enjoy adding to my decorations, mainly for our grandkids now,” said Melanie. “I like to keep it elegant yet inviting for family and guests.”

Among the treasured guests include Melanie and Mike’s four kids, two of whom are married and two of whom has significant others, along with their two grandkids and another one on the way. Decorating her home each year for the season makes it even more fun to celebrate and entertain throughout the holidays.

“We love to host our family Christmas here,” she smiled.

As for her color palette, Melanie leans into cream, ivory, gold, and silver with pops of red with the Santas.

“I like neutral colors but enjoy bringing in classic red and green,” she expressed, giving yet another nod to Renner for the overall outcome. “Christy and I have been friends through the years, and she is truly awesome.”

But Melanie is not the only one who relies on the expertise of Renner and Picture Perfect Interiors. Her best friend of 20 years – Beth Cole – always puts her hat in the ring when it comes to a request for holiday décor assistance.

“We both like to use Christy’s services, but I really cannot compete with Beth when it comes to holiday decorating. She just seems to have a natural talent for it,” Melanie emphasized. “For me, it’s always a work in progress.”

Renner, too, enjoys working with these two ladies in bringing the holidays alive for them and their families and friends, probably enjoying the process even more than the homeowners themselves.

“I had the pleasure of collaborating with our creative and talented floral team for the holiday décor for these two very fun and longtime clients of mine,” expressed Renner.

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