Treasures from Worldly Travels

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Maria Victoria handmade totes, clutches and wallets are woven by artisans in Mexico, each uniquely designed with recycled PVC.

$38 Dear Diego     |

Add a touch of the exotic to your table or kitchen with this Moroccan breadbasket with its flat lid, perfect for breads, fruits or utensils.

$48     |

Meticulously loomed from the finest Turkish cotton and combines two luxurious textures, this Bliss Turkish Towel Robe is lightweight, absorbent, and plush.

$120 – your choice of colors     |

Let’s add some color and culture to your home with these beautiful and unique Namji figures.

$130 each     |

This artistic molinillo is a Mexican wooden whisk that’s used to mix up and add froth to a batch of hot chocolate.

$15     |

The Essential Turkish Blanket wraps you in cozy goodness with its heavy-duty weight and vintage softness.

$98 – your choice of colors     |

Crafted by Peruvian furniture maker Kelvin Maguiña, this wood and leather chest features hand-tooled designs to create this antique treasure jewelry box.

$139.95     |

These handcrafted Indian Style Garnet and Sterling Silver ‘Grand Tradition’ Earrings portray the jhumki style of India of yesteryear.

$67.99     |

The Rosa Lilia Tote is the best of both worlds, combining soft smooth leather with textiles resulting in a handwoven yute design.

$199     |

Handcrafted in Ecuador, made of tagua nut these uniquely crafted earrings are dyed shades of aqua and emerald green.

$18.99     |

This hand-carved, low-slung wooden bajot stool and silk pouf provides a comfortable place to sit and sure to be a conversation piece.

$199.99     |

Fall in love with this gauzy and lightweight Halicarnassus Peshtemal Turkish towel in its bright and happy colorways, all interwoven with gold. 

$36 – your choice of colors     |

Take your beverage to another level with these artfully inspired Atlas Coffee & Tea Mugs, with strainer and lid included.

$54.99 – choice on scenery and color     |

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