Tis the Season

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It’s that time… the most wonderful time of the year!

Story by Jeanie Erwin


Perhaps you are like us here at Kansas City Homes and Style, ready for the season because you have been preparing all year. Or perhaps you need a little Yuletide inspiration. In that case, we are always happy to break out the Christmas coffee and cookies and sit down with expert Brenda Freebern, owner of Picture Perfect Interiors to find out what we can do to bring the holiday magic this year.

KCHS: What trends in Christmas décor are you seeing this year?

FREEBERN: This year, Christmas colors and decorations are very much inspired by popular home shows, and the styles they showcase, especially by the aesthetics of Joanna Gains. The trends reflect a clean, farmhouse look with lots of galvanized accents.

KCHS: It is often difficult to achieve the look we’d like. For those of us who need a bit of specific direction, tell us how decorators are achieving this look.

FREEBERN: Certainly, getting a certain look takes time, direction, and effort even for professional decorators. However, getting the farmhouse look is very possible, and a fun process. Start by thinking about how to add more sentiment without overfilling the tree. The look is casual and old fashioned. We are seeing the use of retro looking plaid buffalo ribbon and lots of red berries to bring this look together.


KCHS: Tell us about your favorite Christmas looks this year.

FREEBERN: My favorite looks this year hit both sides of the spectrum. I love the old fashioned look and we are featuring that look in store with our focal point tree in white and decorated with 18” old fashioned churches, and lots of organic accents like Paper Birch logs tied with ribbon. Another of my favorite looks is a bit more glammy, using turquoise and peacock feathers.

KCHS: What colors are trending in home décor this season?

FREEBERN: Of course we are still seeing lots of reds, but another popular trend is gray and cream and leanings toward more natural colors like green and brown. The decorations are simple, like dough bowls filled with pine cones, lanterns, and the use of burlap. Magnolias are also extremely popular this year and you will see them in garlands and wreaths.

KCHS: What will your tree look like this year?

FREEBERN: At home I am adding a Charlie Brown tree, with open wispy branches. It will have the farmhouse look. Very vintage and old fashioned. In fact, I am using a galvanized tub instead of a tree stand.

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