Summertime Stamina

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All your bags are packed, you’re ready to go. You’re leaving on a jet plane, heading to days full of activities, nights out on the town, and some overindulging along the way. Keep yourself healthy with these helpful tips.

~ Pace Yourself

It’s easy to plan more activities than you’re used to. Take your time exploring and don’t overdo it. Listen to your body and take breaks when it starts talking to you. 

~ Drink Water

There’s so many fruity drinks and umbrella-decorated libations to be had, but don’t forget about hydrating with water. Start your day with a big glass and carry a water bottle with you to refill throughout the day.

~ Eat Breakfast

Yes, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. And no, we aren’t talking donuts, though an occasional one is definitely ok on a trip. Think healthy options, like fruit, cereal, or a protein shake before heading out the door.

~ Eat Healthy Foods

While it is tempting to cheat while on vacation, your gut will remind you that you didn’t make a wise choice. Suddenly eating rich, fatty foods will throw your body for a loop. Choose the fresh salad over the burger and fries. Throw an apple or orange in your bag for an afternoon snack. Think lighter at dinnertime.

~ Let’s Walk

If your vacation is on the sedate side, be sure to fit in some exercise. Walk to the restaurants or shops rather than driving. Take the stairs rather than the elevator. Pack a good pair of tennies and some new socks to keep you moving all day and night.

~ Sun & Bugs

There’s a good chance your vacation includes some outside time. Protect your skin and pack sunscreen – SPF 30 is your best bet. And don’t forget the bug spray – those mosquitos and ticks are ready to pounce.

~ Suds Up

You’re not the only one traveling and more people mean more germs. Keep yourself healthy by washing your hands – often. No water handy? An alcohol-based sanitizer is a good alternative.

~ Pearly Whites

After a fun and exhausting day it may be tempting just to fall in bed, but take a few minutes to brush, floss then swish with some minty mouthwash. Throw a travel toothbrush in your bag to freshen up after that spicy lunch. 

~ Down Time

You’re getting away from the daily grind, so make sure your mental health is given a boost too. Pack that book you’ve been wanting to read, grab a cute journal and fun pen and try your hand at gratitude journaling, or download a meditation app. 

~ Sleepy Time

Don’t skimp on sleep – this is vacation after all and catching a few extra ZZZs is a requirement. Being in a different environment can mess with your dream time so bring along your favorite travel pillow and grab an eye mask while you’re at it.

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